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The 12 Best Video Platform Slack Apps in 2023

A list of video software platforms that have integrations with Slack.

The 12 Best Video Platform Slack Apps in 2023

Are you looking for a way to send or share a YouTube, Vimeo or other 3rd party video on Slack? If so you have come to the right place.

Uploading large video files like recorded meetings or other bulky long-form video content to slack can be problematic and frankly Slack is not designed to handle those use cases out of the box. Slack’s strategy for video relies on the many online video apps and providers in its ecosystem. Companies like YouTube, Vimeo, Vidyard, Frame.io (and many others listed below), specialize in handling large video formats natively in Slack.

With this model Slack users can simply install the video application from their preferred provider and manage, post and create video directly in a slack message or channel. Videos that are shared will automatically embed and a thumbnail will be created for the video. Videos will playback, inline, without download, within the Slack app both at the embedded resolution and at full-screen.

Another good example of video platform integration capabilities is how users access their video platform directly within Slack. As an example, video marketing software platforms like Vidyard are fully integrated, so Slack users only need to type ‘/vidyard’ to access Vidyard’s video functionalities, without ever leaving Slack.

Those are just a fraction of the capabilities offered and each vendor will have unique tools related to their specialty and niche. To learn more about video management software, visit our directory

Now on to what you came for, the list.

A complete list of video streaming platforms with Slack Apps:

  • YouTube
  • Vimeo
  • Vidyard
  • Hippo Video
  • Dubb
  • Loom
  • Panopto
  • StoryXpress
  • Wipster
  • Frame.io
  • Vidyo
  • Rewatch
  • Vouch

Click on the profiles below to install the Slack integration

1. Vimeo

Vimeo Slack App

The Vimeo Slack App provides the ability to track video project activity in existing Slack channels you’re already using. The Vimeo slack integration and Projects are essentially private workspaces for teams to organize, customize, and collaborate on videos.

What the Vimeo Slack App does:

  • The ability to create or edit a project on Vimeo and control which actions are posted to Slack channels.
  • Get notified when changes are made to video settings like privacy, distribution, and customization controls.
  • Get notified when anyone leaves notes and feedback on any of the videos.
  • Get notified when videos are added or removed from a project or collection.

2. Vidyard

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Vidyard Slack App

The Vidyard Slack App provides the ability to record and share video within Slack. Using Vidyard within Slack is as simple as typing ‘/vidyard‘ into any Slack conversation to start recording or share an existing video.

What the Vidyard Slack App does:

  • The ability to record a computer screen and immediately share the recording
  • The ability to record from a web cam and share the video in a Slack channel
  • The ability search and share existing videos in a Vidyard account within Slack

3. Hippo Video

Hippo Video App

The Hippo Video Slack App leverages Hippo Video’s wide range of powerful video creation and editing tools to easily collaborate with others via Slack messages or Slack channels.

What the Hippo Video Slack App does:

  • Record a webcam or screen directly from Slack
  • Trim clips, cut, and crop videos.
  • Add text, emojis, and callouts
  • Share videos across an entire Slack workplace, private message or channel
  • Add comments to shared videos so they are posted with context
  • Control access to shared videos

4. Dubb

Dubb Slack App

The Dubb Slack App provides the ability to receive real-time Slack notifications of email opens, page views and video views for all videos made and shared using Dubb.

What the Dubb Slack App does:

  • Embed trackable screen, webcam and mobile videos directly into Gmail, Outlook, Apple Mail, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, SMS and more.
  • Full communication suite that includes a Slack App, Chrome Extension, mobile app and website where users can manage a portfolio of personalized videos to share with your network.
  • Real-time alerts in Slack channels for video views, email opens, link clicks and more. 

5. Loom

Loom Slack App

The Loom Slack App is designed to enhance Slack conversations with context-rich video messages. Loom is the perfect tool to record quick async videos directly from Slack.

What the Loom Slack App does:

  • Record, preview, and share Looms in Slack without leaving the app.
  • Start a Loom recording directly from Slack by using the ‘/loom‘ command.
  • Loom videos embed in Slack and playback inline
  • Watch Loom videos in public or private channels, DMs, and even 3rd party apps built on Block Kit in Slack.
  • Get Slack notifications when a team member views, reacts, comments, or replies to a Loom video.

6. Panopto

Panopto Slack App

The Panopto Slack App leverages Panopto’s secure video platform which provides teams the ability to record, live stream and manage their meetings, lectures and assignments.  

What the Panopto Slack App does:

  • Search Panopto video libraries within Slack using the query: ‘/panopto‘ with results displayed directly in Slack.
  • Video libraries can be shared across Slack channels, private messages and much more.
  • Automatically syncs Slack workspace membership and Panopto account upon setup.

7. StoryXpress

StoryXpress Slack App

The StoryXpress Slack App integrates StoryXpresses’s cloud-based video creation technology, which automates the post-production of videos and enables retailers to convert existing product catalogs into a video catalog, in a fraction of the cost and time.

What the StoryXpress Slack App does:

  • Create and share videos directly from Slack without switching between apps.
  • Share videos to any Slack channel or team member.
  • Customize video sharing with messages, emojis and more

8. Wipster

Wipster Slack App

The Wipster Slack App integrates Wipster’s video review and approval platform which brings frame commenting and post-production collaboration for content creators and media teams.

What the Wipster Slack App does:

  • Receive updates in a Slack channel whenever activity occurs within a Wipster account.
  • Receive alerts when new events happen including commenting and file uploads.
  • Control exactly which events are posted to slack, including uploads, downloads, shares, comments, and more.
  • Use the command ‘/wipster‘ to call up feature and functionality in Slack

9. Frame.io

Frame.io Slack App

The Frame.io Slack App allows for the uploading of all source media, work in progress clips, and assets into private workspaces where team members and clients can be invited to collaborate. In Slack teams can receive alerts and notifications as collaboration and changes to collaborative content take shape.

What the Frame.io Slack App does:

  • Upload and collaborate on video using time-based commenting and video annotations
  • Video transcoding in the cloud
  • Version control so you can see what your project looked
  • Receive Slack notifications and automatic posting in channels for Frame.io team video collaboration activities.
  • Complete notification control including configuration of which activity get posted (e.g. comments, new replies, and new media uploads).

10. Rewatch

Rewatch Slack App

The Rewatch Slack integration combines the power of Slack and Rewatch’s video collaboration platform both natively in Slack and also within Rewatch.

What the Rewatch integration does:

  • Stay on top of new videos, comments, and highlights in a channel by connecting Rewatch to a Slack workspace.
  • Set up notifications for an entire Rewatch channel or for specific collections.
  • Customize notification preferences for new videos, comments, and highlights.
  • Receive Slack notifications for specific collections.
  • Notify team members in Slack when there are new videos or activity in specific video collections.
  • Videos playback in Slack and are visible to an entire channel or message group.

11. Vouch

Vouch Slack App

The Vouch Slack App tightly integrates Vouch with Slack providing a real-time alert system for all things Vouch within Slack:

What the Vouch Slack integration does:

  • Provides real time alerts within a Slack account whenever a new Vouch Response is received.
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