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Dubb provides an innovative end-to-end solution that lets record, share and track personalized video emails via popular channels such as Gmail, Outlook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, SMS and more.


  • Record videos from both web and mobile applications
  • Easily send videos in email and SMS format
  • Track viewer engagement with analytics
  • Integrates with popular marketing and CRM technologies
  • Connectors with Outlook and Slack


Dubb offers both Free and premium packages. Download or web activate the free version immediately and contact the vendor directly for additional plans and options.



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Streamline Business Communication With Video Using Dubb

 Watch this video to learn how to streamline business communication using video and Dubb.

Dubb Video Communication Platform Overview

Watch this video to learn about the Dubb Video Communication Platform.

Create and Share Video Recordings using Chrome With Dubb

 Watch this video to learn how to create and share video recordings on Chrome using Dubb.

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Customer reviews and feedback



Dubb is a great way to make videos and share them with my clients

Dubb is a great way to make videos and share them with my clients. I like how the videos are automatically made into a GIF when sending them through emails. I have no idea how complicated it would be to do all the things the platform does for you. Th...[Read More]



Great customer service

I have tried several other video softwares but I ended up going with Dubb for a couple of reasons. First, they had great customer service. I had a lot of questions that their rep took the time to give me detailed answers. They actually added a featur...[Read More]



The software is really easy to use from either my laptop or Iphone

I use Dubb to keep my entire database more engaged. I used to send out a monthly market update, that almost no one seemed to read. Now that I do the market update using video, I get a ton of responses. It’s also great for sending screen recordings of...[Read More]



Quickly create videos and send them through my CRM

I like Dubb because it has all the features I need to quickly create videos and send them through my CRM. It integrates directly with my CRM and allows me to make and send videos right inside the interface, so I don’t have to go back and forth betwee...[Read More]

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