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Getting Started With Mobile Video Creation For Sales

5 steps to getting started recording and sending mobile videos.

Getting Started With Mobile Video Creation For Sales

When it comes to increasing engagement with your outbound sales prospecting emails there is no better tool than video and most convenient for sales reps is to be able to manage that communication via a mobile device. Today it has become incredibly easy for anyone with a mobile phone to record and send videos on the go thanks to a number of mobile apps designed for recording, editing, enhancing, distributing and measuring video. The combination of video, email, and your CRM make mobile video the ultimate sales machine. This article provides a few basic tips for sales professionals looking to get started shoot and sending video to prospects.

1. Pick a mobile app that works best for your device

There are a range of different platforms for recording and distributing video on mobile, social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram make it easier (and free) than ever to record videos and share them with prospects immediately if your audience is on Social. There are a host of premium mobile apps that are much more powerful and don’t expose your content to social — see our list of the top apps for sales. Not specifically important for the sales use case but valuable for video marketing are features such as live streaming which allow you to connect with your followers through video on social or in a private environment. Choosing the right platform(s) to use is essential for tailoring the right type of video content to fit well for the right viewer audience.

2. Use video editing, filters, and cropping to polish videos

When recording your video it’s important to consider the end destination of that video and the devices it may be viewed on. Some platforms easily convert vertical video, others you want to shoot in horizontal or landscape mode. As a general rule it’s better to default to horizontal filming because a video can always be cropped down later.

After you have recorded the video most apps have the ability to edit or trim the video clip, apply filters and crop to fit your formatting. It’s generally not a good idea to over process sales content and keep it simple. Cropping and trimming will be your best friend.

3. Configure audio settings and music scoring

When shooting video on mobile devices audio can be a little tricky given the built in microphones. Although, most mobile phones, especially the iPhone have high quality mics that rival some of the lower-end professional options available. When filmed in a quiet environment the default mic will work. Shooting at live events in conference halls or restaurants call for more advanced mic options. Once you have recorded your video, you can then decide if adding a music overlay will enrich the experience. In a lot of cases music might not be necessary or appropriate, but if the video is designed to be upbeat music can help create that lively experience. A lot of mobile video apps provide the ability to overlay music, either your own or royalty free choices.

4. Send your video to sales prospects

Once you feel your video is polished and complete it’s time to send your video to your sales contacts. Again, you need to decide what the best channels are for this. Most common will be email. To send your video via email, there are a number of apps that integrate with Google Mail and Outlook to make this super simple. If you are using a CRM like Salesforce there are also apps that plug directly into your daily contact management flow.

5. Measure video performance and contact engagement

Once you send out your video email you can measure standard email metrics like opens, click-throughs, etc — now in addition to those things you can track how your individual contact engaged with the video content. Did they watch the video or not? Did they only watch a certain percentage? This reporting can happen directly in your mobile app or via email alerts and even in your CRM logged as an activity.

Now that you have sent your first mobile created video email its time to rinse and repeat and see your prospect meetings increase and watch pipeline bulge. To get more information on mobile apps for recording and sending video via email, download our Video For Sales Buyer’s Guide.

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