12 Interactive Video Software Companies To Watch in 2022

A fresh look at interactive video companies leading the charge.

12 Interactive Video Software Companies To Watch in 2022

In 2021 interactive video continued its accelerated growth, with brands and consumers diving in head first. With more engaged audiences working from home, the case for investing in interactive video has never been better.

Interactive video software as a vertical has experienced consolidation over the last few years with examples of companies like Rapt being acquired by Kaltura and recently HapYak acquired by Brightcove. This consolidation validates the power of interactive video and its importance in the video marketing stack.

This article outlines 15 interactive video software companies to watch in 2022.


WIREWAX is a great tool for experienced video marketers and digital content creations. WIREWAX allows you to use hotspots, branching, camera switching, 360-degree experiences, slider views and more with videos. The software covers just about all interactive video use cases in a single platform and is highly configurable when it comes to branding.

2. Digma

Digma enables marketers to create stylish interactive video overlays using templates and custom graphics. Digma comes with a fully customizable set of interactive video player plugins that run on a mobile first framework and adapt to all devices and screen sizes. The software also provides detailed analytics to track the success of interactive videos with statistics on clicks, duration, and usage.​

3. EngageOne Video

EngageOne Video is software to create personalized videos that contain information specific to the video viewer such as account information, weather, maps, etc. These elements are presented in the video player as interactive video overlays and call-to-actions. EngageOne Video is great for creating “choose your own adventure” style videos with interactive menus and options. The software also enables marketers to mass produce personalized videos, integrate with CRM, MAPs and billing systems and track viewership with real-time reporting.

4. Mindstamp

Mindstamp is interactive video software that provides a range of interactive features, including the ability to type on top of the video to add a comment into the video, serve up interactive questions pause and solicit a response from the viewer. Ask free response, multiple choice, voice, and video questions. The software also provides the ability to add buttons throughout the video to prompt viewers to move throughout the video, open a link, start email, & more. Mindstamp includes video analytics including individual play reports as well as high-level summaries such as fall-off points, common seek spots, and more.

5. Cinema8

Cinema8 interactive video software that enables you to embed anything on video using html code, this includes customizable text, images, drawings, questions and more. Get detailed analytics on clicks and engagement.

6. Stornaway.io

Stornaway makes it easy to plan and craft interactive stories with a web-based story map and script editor. The software makes it easy to build out interactive videos with clickable hotspots, text, image, buttons and test playback instantly. All viewer interactivity is tracked and reporting on using the analytics engine. Stornaway also provides instant publishing without code to LMS platforms.

7. HapYak

HapYak provides a robust interactive video suite with a drag and drop interface that is used by some of the world’s largest companies. HapYak works on just about any video player and provides functionality to place click-able links, text and images in video, create and deploy in-video quizzes and apply chapters to create interactive menus and bookmarks within the video. Just like the other vendors HapYak provides detailed reporting in the dashboard.

8. Spott

Spott is an interactive software tool that focuses primarily on shopping carts, web stores and ecommerce. Spott enables you to tag products in a video and link them, give shoppers the ability to add-to-basket directly from a video. The software’s mission is to increase revenue through more engaging video experiences.

9. hihaho

hihaho enables marketers to take videos from popular online video platforms such as Panopto, Qumu or Vimeo and make them interactive. hihaho’s interactive studio makes it easy to add an extra layer of interactivity onto a video without having to edit the video itself. The software extends video to website and LMSs using simple embed codes. hihaho also visualizes viewer engagement with insight and analytics on video viewer progress, success rate, clicks and interactions.

10. Smartzer

The Smartzer interactive video player can be used across websites, social media, ad units, and in-store on touch screens. The technology is fully customizable to fit your website style and branding. Smartzer like Spott is focused on web stores and ecommerce and enables viewers to add products directly to cart or click-through to a product detail page. The software reports out on engagement with an analytics dashboard.

11. Playposit

Playposit is an interactive toolset that is designed to work with videos from popular platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia, etc. With Playposit its easy to add interactive questions and rich media into the video’s timeline to actively engage on mobile or web devices. Playposit is focused on education and has tools for sharing video with students, including integrating with LMS systems. And like the others, the ability monitor all student video engagement through a central dashboard

12. Verse

Finally, Verse is an interactive video software tool that focuses on creating videos with clickable hotspots, branching, decision points, including explainer videos and multimedia slide shows. Verse has been designed as a mobile first experience with the ability to embed the video player anywhere. The software has custom branding and style control along with APIs and advanced analytics.

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