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Mindstamp provides software that helps engage audiences by enriching any video with interactive comments, questions, actions, and more. No heavy editing software required.


  • Type on top of the video to add a comment into the video.
  • Interactive questions pause and solicit a response from the viewer. Ask free response, multiple choice, voice, and video questions.
  • Add buttons throughout the video to prompt viewers to move throughout the video, open a link, start email, & more.
  • Highlight and draw on the screen to draw attention to specific parts.
  • Add clickable images throughout a video
  • Record voice and video clips at key points in the video. Voice is automatically transcribed.
  • Video analytics including individual play reports as well as high-level summaries such as fall-off points, common seek spots, and more.
  • Every interaction appears in a searchable activities list in the video to enable searching, and navigating to content quickly.
  • Send data to other applications through Zapier or by setting up Webhooks.




Mindstamp is offered via four different plans and starts at $15 per month. Packaging and plans are based on the number of interactive videos created, playback time and storage, as well as additional branding features. A free plan is also available.

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