The Top Features Included in Video Hosting for Businesses in 2023

The ultimate video hosting for business feature guide.

The Top Features Included in Video Hosting for Businesses in 2023

In 2023 37% of businesses will spend their video marketing budgets on video hosting software and platforms.

Video hosting software for businesses has been around since the year 2000. Video hosting for business is a specific set of online video tools that enables companies to store, organize and stream videos online in conjunction with other marketing channels and initiatives. The best software in this category provides the necessary features to share video across social media, broadcasting a live stream and present video on webpages and websites.

Video hosting software for business is a lot different than say YouTube or Facebook video in that they go beyond the basic upload and video playback functionality and offer advanced features for content management, security, interactive video, website marketing, lead generation as well as secure video for corporate communications.

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What are the top features of video hosting software for businesses?

Video Hosting & Playback

Video hosting platforms for business makes it possible to present and playback video across the web. Marketers and video creators can easily upload, store and manage video files that can be distributed to websites, email, social media and custom video players.

Video Security & Access Control

Businesses conducting internal training and online learning using video require a level of security to handle sensitive corporate content. Some examples of video content that you want to keep secure are CEO messages and any non-public product or employee communications.

You’ll find the following security features common across most video hosting software for business:

  • Encrypted vide upload and file transfer
  • Password protected videos, video libraries and live stream broadcasts
  • Domain, IP and Geo Restrictions to control where a video is played back.
  • Tokenized security and AES encryption is also common with business video hosting platforms.

Video Encoding & Transcoding

When a video is uploaded to video hosting platform it is automatically converted and encoded into formats that are readable and playable by web video players and web browsers to ensure seamless and beautiful video playback. All business video hosting platforms have video encoding and transcoding.

HTML5 Video Player

All business video hosting platforms include an HTML5 video player for video playback. HTML5 video players work across any device (mobile, desktop and TVs), and are a required component for a successful video viewing experience.

Most business video hosting platforms provide an HTML5 video player that can be branded and customized to fit most requirements. HTML5 video players are embeddable across the web.

Ability to launch and manage a live stream

Business video hosting platforms for business provide the ability to stream both on-demand or pre-recorded videos. In some cases video hosting software for business has the capability to launch live streams for various use cases including events, virtual conferences, webinars, etc.

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Live streaming features include the ability to record the live stream, trim and clip it and share it later.

Video monetization toolsets

Businesses can now create their own paid streaming services and connected TV apps with business video hosting platforms. Not only are hosting and video apps provided, they also provide features for gating video and collecting payment for viewing access.

Video paywalls make it easy for businesses to easily create libraries of subscription-based content, pay-per-view or ad monetized experiences.

APIs to extend capabilities

Extending video capabilities beyond the core video hosting platform will require video software platforms that offer API access. API access will enable the customization of the video experience, allow of integration in to 3rd party platforms including LMS, CRMs, DAMs and ad servers.

Sales enablement & lead generation

Business video hosting platforms can support sales and lead generation efforts through video recording capabilities and apps for sales reps, personalized video campaigns, email marketing integrations, interactive video and advanced video analytics and tracking.

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Business video hosting platforms integrate with sales and marketing software such as CRMs and MAPs.


In 2023 businesses have access to a wide variety of video hosting software platforms to power everything from basic video hosting to advanced live streaming and connected TV apps. To learn more about business video hosting, visit our software directory.

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