The 4 Key People Needed For a Successful Video Marketing Team

The people needed to pull off your video marketing initiatives this year.

The 4 Key People Needed For a Successful Video Marketing Team

If you’re company has made the decision to invest in video marketing its important to hire marketing professionals who understand video and can make your strategy successful without overburdening cost. When putting together your new video marketing team  consider there are a number of things to consider such as balancing creatives vs producer resources — essentially making sure you have the right people components on your team to be successful. This article takes a look at the 4 key people needed to successfully buildout of your video marketing team.

What does the perfect video marketing team look like? Here are the four positions you will need to assemble to build your perfect team.

1. Videographer

First off, you will need a primary content creator. The Videographer scripts, storyboards, shoots and edits studio-quality, corporate video content. The Videographer also has knowledge of a variety of video types and all the technical and artistic know-how necessary to communicate a message in the most appealing, easily understandable method. The benefit of an in-house videographer is that this person has an intimate understanding of the brand message, and tone. Over time, a historical knowledge of business and marketing initiatives, paired with creative video talents means this person will have a measurable impact.

When evaluating candidates for this position look for the following components: a degree in video or film with several years of experience in video production. Evidence of expertise using editing tools such as  Final Cut Pro X, Adobe Premier and Adobe After Effects. Also experience working with online video platforms is a big plus.

2. Video Content Marketing Manager

Most mature marketing teams will already have a content Content Marketing Manager.  A Video Content Marketing Manager drafts the video content portion of your strategy and makes sure that the videos you are creating is fulfilling marketing campaign incentives. A Video Content Marketing Manager will develop videos for social, the website, email campaign and even events. In some cases the Video Content Marketing Manager will work with other internal teams to create video for their initiatives. More specifically the Video Content Manager brainstorms videos that will fit the content schedule, driving video marketing production including writing scripts.

When evaluating candidates for this position look for: a degree in journalism or equivalent writing and content strategy experience. Track history of designing video campaigns or video content is a huge plus, but may be a challenge to find.

3. Demand Generation Coordinator

While your organization may already have a demand generation team supporting sales, its important to align a resource in that department with your video team. In the context of video, the Demand Generation Coordinator will be working closely with the Video Content Marketing Manager to strategically place video content with the intent of optimizing or accelerating a particular lifecycle stage.

When evaluating candidates for this position look for: a degree in Marketing or Business, experience as a growth hacker, a deep understand and experience with marketing automation tools and analytics.

4. Marketing and Data Analyst

A key to understanding the performance of any business initiative is a Data Analyst.  A Data Analyst makes sense of large scale marketing campaign results and will model and graph campaigns effects, finding successes and plotting how to repeat. A Data Analyst is essential to measuring the business impact of video

When evaluating candidates for this position look for: a degree in Marketing or Statistics, experience with enterprise level analytic and business intelligence platforms.

How to find these key people?

Now that you know the key people that should be on your video marketing team, how do you find them? Some of these characters may already exist in your organization and you can recruit from within, while others you will need to hunt around to find. Consider that video marketing proficiency is still a relatively new skillset for marketers, there may not be overwhelming numbers of available candidates.

How to qualify the talent when you located the key people?

To gauge video marketing experience when interviewing candidates consider asking a few of these questions:

  • Do you have experience implementing video in marketing campaigns?
  • If so, how did you measure the success of video marketing efforts?
  • How comfortable are you producing video? Acting as on-air talent?
  • What video marketing campaigns have inspired you? How can we replicate these stimulating concepts?
  • How often do you post videos on social media?

In conclusion, a successful video marketing team includes three main components: 1) the people, who we mentioned above, 2) the strategy and internal alignment across marketing and sales teams, 3) the technology: video marketing platforms, etc. To learn more about finding the right video marketing resources for your company, visit our directory resource center.

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