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SundaySky’s personalized video marketing platform enables brands to deliver scalable one-to-one video experiences that foster long-term customer relationships. SundaySky empowers marketers to easily create, manage and optimize real-time personalized video programs throughout the customer lifecycle.

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  • Story & Scene Configuration — Create new stories by selecting scenes from a scene library. Configure scenes to comply with brand guidelines, creative approach, and the overall tone of the story. View changes in real-time within the platform.
  • Story Management — SundaySky’s (SmartVideo Cloud) scene library is a single repository for all scenes. Easily configure existing stories and reuse scenes in support of new stories.
  • Delivery Experiences — Manage video with SundaySky by leveraging design templates to develop the most optimal video experience.
  • Delivery Channels & Devices — Personalized videos can be delivered through multiple channels, such as web pages, emails, SMS, MMS, pre-roll ads, IPTV and mobile apps, to enable viewing on smartphones, tablets, desktops and set top boxes.
  • Value Measurement & Reporting — Monitor video performance, review survey results and download reports on program performance directly from the platform.
  • Intelligent Creative Optimization — Optimization capabilities are enhanced to automatically adapt creative based on performance. Variations are created for every aspect of the video, including story, structure, messages, look & feel, narrative style & voice, calls to action, pacing and more.



AT&T, Comcast, Allstate, Sears,, Cox, Liberty Mutual, Time Warner Cable, Verizon, Cable One, Atlantis, Vodafone,, Turkcell, Telenet, RCI, Grand Circle Travel


SundaySky pricing is not made available. Get more information contact SundaySky directly.

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