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4 Tools and Software To Automatically Create Videos

Use cases and supported software for video content creation at scale.

If you’re looking to automatically create videos in large batches or individually then you’ve come to the right place. This article outlines online video platforms and software that make it easy to automatically generate video content. Here’s a breakdown of the different types of auto-generating software available:

  • Automatically generate a single video from a website, blog, social media account.
  • Automatically generate a single video from photos, video clips, music, text, etc.
  • Automatically generate a single or multiple personalized videos from user metadata supplied by spreadsheet or CRM
  • Automatically generate videos based on user action for delivery in real-time.

1. Create a single video from website content, including blog posts

If your organization posts a lot of video content to your website and blog regularly then you may want to consider including automatically generated videos that summarize that content. These software tools make it easy to supply a few URLs, select a template and music and the software will put together a single video for you.

Recommended Software: Exaltive | VideoRemix.io | Lumen5 | Moovly

2. Create a single video from photos and video clips

Another great type of video to automatically create is one that is tied to existing video clips or photos. These types of videos work great for post-conference or event follow-up when you might have lots of little video clips and photos you can easily put in a file and upload. These software tools make it easy to supply video clips, images, music — choose a template and video montage will be spit out.

Recommended Software: SundaySky | VideoRemix.io | Magisto | StoryTEQ

3. Create hundreds of personalized videos to be sent vial email to a list

A more advanced practice, yet very effective (16x increase in response rate) is to pair video with email marketing with the goal of creating a personalized video for each contact, meaning hundreds of individual videos. These types of campaigns have been proven to move the needle with customer success teams. Sending a video highlight a client’s bill with their specific information included, credit card spend, etc. These software tools make it easy to generate hundreds to thousands of individual, personalized video emails.

Recommended Software: Eyeview | Idomoo | INDIVIDEO | Pvideo

4. Create and deliver videos in real-time based on user action

The ultimate digital marketing video strategy includes a real-time video personalization experience, meaning users that interact with the brand will at one point in the buyer’s journey receive a personalized video generated just for them based on the content they’ve interacted with or the stage of their journey. These software tools generate videos in real-time based on a predefined template. Videos may include other relevant content or a set welcome video with dynamically inserted user metadata.

Recommended Software: Clinch | Idomoo | Pulpix | TheMotion

To view more video software solutions for automatically creating videos, click here.

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