5 Reasons Why The Top Brands and Organizations Use Live Video

The key reasons why leading brands are investing in video live streaming.

5 Reasons Why The Top Brands and Organizations Use Live Video

More and more brands are looking to find ways to better engage with consumers and build brand value and live video is the vehicle driving real results. Organizations have been live streaming video for as long as the technology has been available, well over a decade. Video marketers at these companies are broadcasting live presentations such as executive town halls and new product announcements generally to employees and customers scattered across the world.

Today technology has made video live streaming easier to capture, manage, and distribute, and as more organizations use live streaming, users recognize it as a productivity enabler that makes communicating with internal and external audiences more efficient and cost effective.

This article drills in on the 5 reasons why the top brands of the world are using live video to drive more engagement and measurable business results.

1 – Humanize The Brand & Connect

Live video enables brands to drop the corporate veil and connect with audiences on an authentic, human level. People are more relatable when they’re not reading a script or having their comments edited, which is common with on-demand pre-recorded content. This allows executives and other business leaders to be unedited and real in front of customers and other stakeholders and put a face to the brand in a very natural way.

2- Increase Buyer Urgency

Live video creates a sense of urgency and immediacy that’s hard to replicate with on-demand video. Live video is in the moment and anything can change or happen, very similar to breaking headlines news like CNN. People want to be part of an event or movement while it’s happening and generally place greater value on it when there’s only one chance to view it live. This allows you to capture viewers who might not have clicked on a video, but who don’t want to miss what’s happening live.

3 – Increased Customer Engagement

According to research, online video viewers show increased engagement and longer viewing times while watching live video versus on-demand video, making it a great cross-promotion and advertising opportunity.

4 – Increased Customer Conversion

Since customers are more engaged while watching live video, viewers tend to interact more in real time by asking questions, commenting via video chat and on social. While live streaming video it’s always great to have someone on hand to pick out the best questions to answer. Making live video a two-way conversation shows your audience that your brand is listening to them. It also allows you to see how viewers are reacting to different parts of the stream so you can learn which content works best and who is most interested.

5 – Increased Social Engagement & Sharing

Engaged live video viewers are more likely to urge colleagues or friends to join in on the live video experience as it happens, which makes for a more compelling invitation than on-demand content. This provides an opportunity to capture new viewers and grow awareness for your message. And, if the content is gated an opportunity to generate more qualified marketing contacts.

Now that you have a good idea on why the top brands are using live video, feel free to spend a few minutes looking at some of the amazing live video streaming platforms in our directory.

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