3 Ways Video Marketing Can Impact Customer Success

A guide for integrating video into your customer success strategy.

3 Ways Video Marketing Can Impact Customer Success

Although business video usage grown in the last few years, marketers still have trouble understanding how video can be integrated across business processes to drive revenue and customer retention. If video is not integrated into critical marketing campaigns it can be nearly impossible to measure its impact and ROI. This short blog post is a guide that breaks down how modern marketing teams create effective video experiences that generate opportunities, drive results and improve communication with customer accounts and account based marketing goals.

We will cover two common high-level goals to explain how video should be organized, distributed and measured based on your customer success goals.

  • How video makes a measurable impact on ROI
  • How to integrate video into existing processes & systems

Video marketing for customer success is gaining traction as a way to onboard customers, increase usage and create customer advocates. These video resources can either be free, included with your product, or paid, becoming a revenue-generating source for your business. Let’s now look at a few common customer success uses cases.

1. Onboard Customers Quickly and Efficiently

Video has proven to shorten learning curves and reduce support time/costs. By incorporating video into your customer onboarding process you’ll get your customers to achieve early wins and become proficient much more efficiently than with other content types. You should develop content that focuses on explaining and motivating customers and the experience where the video lives should allow for viewers to request help or human support if needed. This is similar to general marketing rules which state that having a call-to-action present alongside your content at all times is necessary. Monitor your support video content and related analytics, you may notice that customer-training videos are popular and can turn out to be great content for marketing to prospects that are not yet customers.

            • Create video content that is short, action-oriented, support and product tutorials work great.
            • Goals for video are to get new customers onboarded and successful quickly.
            • Measure success with video plays and related product usage.
            • In-video CTAs & Interactivity Options — Implement in-video links, buttons, quizzes, forms and other types of interactivity to direct your customers back to the product or offers at the end of the tutorial video.
            • Best Distribution Channels — As with all video strategies, build a centralized, searchable, branded video portal on your public website or support portal for customers. Use video embeds to place videos near features in your application or product. Depending on whether your experience is public or private, consider access-controlled environments so only customers can view your videos. Use single sign on or IP restriction technology to create a seamless experience.

2. Drive Adoption, Upgrades, Renewals

Once you have onboarded customers, video becomes a tool for expanding usage through advanced tutorials and continuing education. Modern marketers and customer success teams use video to provide ongoing education, generate power users and driving upgrades to premium licenses and features sets.

  • Create video content such as advanced tutorials, lecture series, thought leadership, customer-led advice sessions.
  • Goals for videos are to turn customers into power users and provide ongoing value.
  • Measure success based on video plays, viewer profiles, product usage, and upgrades.
  • In-video CTAs & Interactivity Options — Implement in-video quizzes to reinforce knowledge and test the performance of your video training material.
  • Best Distribution Channels — Embed videos within your existing application or product; leverage a video platform that allows for viewer tracking so you know who is watching which videos.

3. Certify Key Customers

It’s easy to build expertise and create advocates by providing a video certification program for your customers. If you build it correctly this type of program generate revenue for your business. To do this effectively you should create a formal certification program along with a web portal to support it. Once you have done that, get started by organizing your video training into courses. Consider developing quizzes that viewers can interact with in or around the video. To be successful with this you will need to find a video marketing platform that tracks individual viewers. Make sure you can generate reports for auditing and providing certification completion.

  • Create video content such as training courses, exclusive content, elearning.
  • Goals for videos are to develop customer advocates, build partner programs, train resellers.
  • Measure success based on video plays, viewer profiles, product usage, retention rates, upgrades and certifications.
  • In-video CTAs & Interactivity Options — Use in-video chaptering to break up longer content. Implement quizzes for tracking success and awarding certification.
  • Best Distribution Channels — Use a dedicated website for certification. Control access via SSO or by gating the content with in-video forms.


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Matt is an expert video content marketer with over 20 years of sales and marketing experience. Matt has produced and deployed thousands of videos and is the ultimate curator of online video software. Matt is the Founder and Chief Editor here at 50Wheel.

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