Top 10 Video Editing Software Solutions For Marketers

The most powerful video editing software tools available.

Top 10 Video Editing Software Solutions For Marketers

Today it is easier than ever to film and edit video and with software for both Mac and Windows you can easily create professional content for your business. If you’re even more forward thinking there are video editing solutions that are 100% cloud-based such as WeVideo among others. This post covers the top 10 video editing software solutions for both Mac and Windows.


1- Final Cut Pro

2 – Adobe Premier


3 – iMovie


4 – Power Director

5 – VideoStudio Pro X10

6 – Adobe Premier Elements

7 – Vegas Pro

8 – Roxio

9 – Pinnacle

10 – Nero 

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The 50Wheel Team has over 10 years of experience in online video technology, specifically working with B2B organizations deploying video marketing technologies and accompanying playbooks.