Tips For Finding The Best Video Production Agencies

The questions to ask video production agencies before partnering.

Tips For Finding The Best Video Production Agencies

Ramping up video production and creating a video-centric marketing strategy can be very hard. When assembling a video team there are many considerations which this post will go into detail about.

When hiring a creative agency, you are bringing on an ad hoc team to get the job done. Communicate a vision and then watch the agency execute it promptly and successfully. Agencies free up marketers to think strategically by taking control of brand messaging and creative execution. Contemporary agencies can develop almost any type of content. Seasoned storytellers who know how to get people talking, agencies also have the resources to optimize, promote, and distribute video content.

How to find an agency for video: Recommendations from other marketing professionals can be extremely helpful. If not, fashion a video hit-list. Catalog the videos you love and find inspiring. If similar concepts apply to your business, research the agency that made it. Utilize these agency professionals for a high-quality video.

How to evaluate an agency: To ensure the creative agency’s abilities align with marketing goals, here are a few questions to ask:

  • How long has the agency produced corporate video?
  • Describe the creative collaboration process at the agency?
  • Do they have a video production studio on-site?
  • How much experience does the agency have working with companies in similar industries?
  • Case studies and examples can be shared that represented the video type?
  • How responsive is the agency?
  • What is the feedback loop like working with the agency?

Determining your budget with an agency: Agencies have a reputation for being expensive, and if you are committed to a particular vision, expect price quotes to be a bit pricier.  Admit any price sensitivity up front. With this knowledge, the agency can provide an in-depth consultation, resulting in multiple video marketing plans at different price points. Most prices are not provided online though we have seen samples pricing, $10,000 for a 60-second explainer video, for example. A bigger multi-video project price can be beneficial. Hourly rates can inflate budgets when you pay for unproductive time.

When to use a video agency: Agencies go beyond creative consultation, offering PR and distribution through established media relationships. If the current marketing team doesn’t have the deep knowledge necessary to launch a new product or service, agencies are an excellent option.

How to work with an agency: Agencies thrive on communication. Articulate the vision. Provide a brief outline when possible so the video produced is in-line with the original plan.

Don’t let art direction cloud velocity and effectiveness. Agencies are amazingly creative but be wary of those that promise the one beautiful video. How they plan to tell the brand story over multiple videos without being repetitive? Is it possible to stretch the budget into a video series? Layers of feedback and oversight bring unnecessary delays and stifle creativity. Agency professionals will work elicit client satisfaction, but respect the relationship by delivering clear, concise communication.

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