How To Segment Leads Using Video

A guide to using video to segment leads to increase conversational transactions and deliver relevant content.

How To Segment Leads Using Video

Once you have an established video marketing setup that includes video hosting connected to a marketing automation platform, feeding data to a CRM, you can then look at segmenting video viewers to increase the relevance of your communications. To do this you will need to look to video engagement data and video behavior as key video digital body language indicators for segmentation.

Video engagement segmentation can be used in addition to segmenting that you already have in place today. Video engagement segmentation is unique in that it looks only at the video player behavior to trigger conversational interactions.

It’s important to look at your video engagement data as a huge opportunity, because it’s a way to get very detailed body language from a viewer without being intrusive. Whereas other content types like email can seem like an unwanted interruption. A good example of this is a poorly designed nurture email campaign that sends irrelevant emails into your inbox everyday. It becomes annoying and eventually you unsubscribe or send the messages to spam. To truly segment viewers based on video views you should consider triggers based on:

  1. Automatically send emails based on percentage of video watched, page video watched on, type of video watched
  2. Segment email campaigns based on whether a contact watches a video or not
  3. Segment and personalize video content based on data provided from a CRM or form


After you have built out segmenting rules and applied them to nurture tracks, start to group and build themes around your content. Since you may have an abundance of content that spans a wide range of topics, getting organized will make your campaigns more relevant and effective.

Create nurture tracks based on what topics your customers are interested in and if you don’t yet have video content for those topics, go out and create some. At 50Wheel, we have created individual tracks for our visitors that are interested in video marketing, video learning, video interactivity, and video and marketing automation.

A great example of a nurture track would be if a person watches a recorded webinar on the topic of power drills on your website, you assign him to the power drill nurture track. Once he is in the track he will receive a set of power drill focused nurture touches and emails. To make this most effective, you carefully observe the viewer’s behavior closely using your video and marketing automation data and make tweaks along the way.

Now that you have created your first segmentation using video, think about implementing more advanced segmentation throughout your campaigns. To read up more on the topic check out our articles on how to build a video nurture strategy and lead scoring with video.

Matt is an expert video content marketer with over 20 years of sales and marketing experience. Matt has produced and deployed thousands of videos and is the ultimate curator of online video software. Matt is the Founder and Chief Editor here at 50Wheel.

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