Video Content Marketing Success Guide

The secret sauce for completely nailing it with your video marketing!

Video Content Marketing Success Guide

Associate Video Viewers With Revenue

The missing piece to any content marketing strategy is tracking content consumption and relating those actions to closed revenue. Using modern video hosting solutions known as Video Marketing Platforms you can use your videos to collect engagement data on specific contacts push it directly into your marketing automation platform, MAP and CRM system specifically to the individual contact records.

Integrating your videos and video players with MAP and CRM gives you a massive marketing advantage over other forms of content because you can see specific contact level behavior both at a high-level and then in granular detail, so you know exactly who’s watching a specific video, for how long, and what they are doing within your video players. This detailed information can reveal specific buyer body language, including where they contact is in their buying lifecycle. This body language will drive more effective lead scoring, segmentation, and arm your sales team with information that will make their conversations more meaningful.

What You Don’t Have Today

While most marketers currently track contact interactions with linear based content like text-based assets on your website, chances are you are not capturing and pushing video engagement data into your Marketing Automation Platform. This means that your visibility when it comes to video is only on the page level. This leaves a huge advantage and opportunity, as even if you know who’s downloading your white paper, case study, and other PDF assets, you don’t know which paragraph they enjoyed from the document or whether they even read it at all. Video and MAP changes all of this.

As you start to develop more video content and further build out your strategy, video assets will become more prominent on your website and landing pages. To be successful you need to consider how you’ll track the digital behavior of visitors who prefer to watch video over engaging with other assets. The formula is simple, connect MAP to your videos and you can track qualified leads as they watch videos.

How To Implement a Winning Strategy

By deploying advanced video hosting using a video marketing platform you can integrate your video viewership with individual tracked contacts and push video engagement data to their specific profiles in your CRM. The results are powerful reports in your MAP and CRM that show exactly which leads are watching which pieces of video content, and how long they are watching for. Based on viewing data you can trigger email nurture tracks and set alerts for your sales team indicating it’s time to engage based on how a video or videos was watched. Sound simple? It follows the formula of delivering the right content at the right time.

To learn more about video and MAP, click here. Or download one of our MAP Guides.

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