Getting Started With Video Hosting

The foundation of any video strategy, whether centered around marketing or training objectives, is the technology. There are a number of solutions out there to choose from including free options like YouTube. Before getting advanced with your marketing, stop and ask yourself: What goals am I trying to accomplish with video? The answers to that question will shape your shopping list or RFP when it comes time to purchase video technology.

Here’s a list of checklist items you need to understand about video hosting:

  1. What are the different types of video hosting solutions? For example: video on demand, live streaming, web meetings, etc.
  2. What happens after you upload the video files? Understanding storage and bandwidth.
  3. How do you know viewers are getting the most optimal experience with your video content?

Watch the video above, which is lesson from our new Video Marketing Academy which launches next month here at 50Wheel! To see the first video in the series, click here.

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The 50Wheel Team has over 10 years of experience in online video technology, specifically working with B2B organizations deploying video marketing technologies and accompanying playbooks.