5 Successful Video Strategies for Your Online Store

5 Successful Video Strategies for Your Online Store

As an online store owner, you are always looking for new ways to showcase your products to both old and new clients. Sometimes, you only need to take a few photos of the said product. Unfortunately, pictures do not adequately iterate your product’s unique functionality, which is why making a video would be more useful. The great thing about videos is that it gives more clarity to your products or services, thanks to visuals, audio sound, subtitles, etc. 

Besides being able to create useful “how-to” videos demonstrating how a product works, videos are great for marketing purposes. You can easily share them on social media, therefore, increasing your reach and brand awareness. 

According to Wyzowl statistics, customers relate better with video ads than with any other form of marketing. Videos are popular and quite effective at converting viewers to customers. Needless to say, many online store owners aren’t adequately skilled in video making. If you find yourself struggling to create an all-rounded video, then you are not alone. 

Look, your only aim as an online shop owner is to show your products in the best light to attract more customers. Below, we have put together five(5) proven video marketing strategies to implement in your next product video shoot.  

#1 Lighting and Audio Matters

Lighting is crucial for your product videos. Lighting, in itself, is a strategy most video creators and marketers don’t consider. A lot of people think about lighting when taking photos, but neglect lighting with videos. Don’t be one of these people; the more natural or sometimes artificial light you can get, the better your video quality.

If you are struggling with getting the right lighting, then always try to shoot in the morning. That way, you avoid the harsh sun rays while taking advantage of shooting for as long as you want. If you do not have any natural lights, try turning on all the artificial lights in the room to get the area as lit as possible.

When you get your lighting right, go ahead, and set up a neat audio system that isn’t distracting. Put yourself in the shoes of your customer; nobody wants to sit through a grainy-looking video with inaudible or poor audio. This is why you should always shoot in a quiet place and ensure your audio settings are tested and adjusted before saving. If you are unable to shoot in a quiet place and do not have external microphones, consider narrating the story using titles and subtitles. Video titles and descriptions are relevant, as they enable your target audience to locate your content through online searches quickly. 

#2 Use Real Reviews

If you want to make a strong impact on a potential client, use video reviews from other clients. You may not already know this, but product reviews from other users increase trust and loyalty from new customers. Since your products are targeted toward humans, it only makes sense to have humans showcase how useful they found those products. This strategy almost works as effectively as word of mouth. 

You can ask your current product users to make and send short clips of product reviews to you; that way, you can compile them into a short video for marketing. This is a great way to create brand awareness and have potential clients to become buying customers.

#3 Tell A Story

Telling a good story through your videos is an art that you need to learn if you want a captivated audience. While creating a video, coming at your customers with numbers and stats are necessary, but what they will remember most is a great story. Most video marketers understand the struggle that comes with keeping an audience engaged. It’s so easy to create just any cool video, but without depth or context, it is weak and won’t compel any conversions. A successful video strategy that works is making sure your video tells a story. This often translates to putting your services or products into context; by demonstrating how your product or services resonate with the lives of users. This will make your product irresistible and reinforce that you understand the user.

Another reason to brand your online store video is that there are so many similar videos out there. Your marketing video should allow the customer to make an informed decision and prompt them to buy your product. Questions like “what will my audience gain from buying my product?” should be answered before creating any video ad. Let your customers know about your brand values and what they promise to gain from using your services.

#4 Short and Human

A strategy that has taken many video ads to successful heights is in timing. I’m not just talking about the length of your video, which is crucial, but also the timing of the message. I know that you are wondering how to tell a story and make your video short as well. That should be easy when you know the message you want your brand to send. Eliminating everything that isn’t relevant to your brand is key to creating a short and captivating video. Some of the best videos out there are about 30 seconds long, especially since you are likely to share on social media. Most video marketers use social media as their primary marketing channel, which is another reason to keep your video short (length-wise). You have to figure out a way to keep your customer interested and not bored in less than a minute. 

Also, learn how to make your video more human because images and texts alone won’t cut it. Your customers want to see real emotions in your video; they want to feel heard and seen, which in turn, fosters trust. 

#5 Be relatable

Most times, you will make sales from your videos because it was so relatable and relevant. For instance, if you are into beauty and body care, you can generate videos that teach the audience how to better care for their skin. However, make sure that you don’t sound too scripted. People want to be educated about things they don’t know, but only from people who sound and possibly look like them. If you sell makeup products, you want your online store to have tutorials showing your audience ways to create a unique makeover with your products. Localization can come into play here as you can engage professionals from paper writing service review providers that also offer reviews like Best Writers Online.

Note that some of your content does not have to be about selling your products. You should consider how-to videos that educate and reveal your interest in relating or interacting with your viewers. By showing you care for your audience, you build a reputation and become more relevant. These video strategies translate into more sales, not just for a particular product but also for your whole brand. I remember the first time I realized that there was an arrow on a car’s gas gauge. From an educational video by an auto dealership, I learned the arrow indicated the car’s side leads to the gas tank.


Following these five (5) simple rules, you are steps closer to better video creation. Video making for your online store doesn’t have to be intimidating, and certainly not limited to a select group of professionals. Get started immediately, but be sure to apply all the tweaks and tricks from this article for better results.

Aaron Swain is a writing specialist who is currently working in the writing service reviews company Online Writers Rating. He is passionate about marketing and SEO. He expands and improves his skills throughout the writing process to help and inspire people.

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