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A list of the top video personalization and recommendation platforms for marketers and digital teams. Compare solutions, get info on features and pricing.


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Exaltive is a powerful interactive video platform with tools to make the video actionable and merge personalized or data driven content from a web application into an online video.


Idomoo provides video personalization software that helps brands deliver specific tailored video content by addressing them individually with personalized videos uniquely authored to their needs.


Innovid provides a powerful video platform that empowers advertisers and marketers to create, deliver and measure the impact of highly engaging video experiences on any device and media channel, at scale, efficiently.


Pulpix provides video marketing artificial intelligence and personalized video recommendation software. Pulpix enables marketers to display interactive bonus and related content in real-time within the video player.


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Sezion provides solutions for automatically generating personalized videos at scale from any content feed. From no-coding-required solutions, to SDKs, APIs and a Script language, Sezion can automatically edit all the videos uploaded, adding a video i...[Read More]


Sightly is a video personalization technology company that enables advertisers and marketers to reach local audiences across multiple screens with specific personalized messages.


Storybulbs helps brands create and deliver video stories that are instantly personalized to delivery real-time relevance through video. Easily build video stories, personalize the content for each individual recipient and send via email.


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SundaySky’s personalized video marketing platform enables brands to deliver scalable one-to-one video experiences that foster long-term customer relationships. SundaySky empowers marketers to easily create, manage and optimize real-time personalized ...[Read More]


Vintom offers a video platform for creating and deploying persuasive, personalized video that drives customer engagement between a brand and individual across the entire buyer journey. The technology uses customer data to deliver a unique personal ex...[Read More]


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Wideo provides a simple and intuitive tool that enables people without previous knowledge or training to create quality online videos and animations.

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