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Imposium is an automated video rendering software system that makes it easy to create dynamic, personalized video at scale. Take any video clip, such as customer video or advertisement and overlay dynamic, customized, personalized effects to generate individualized videos for your audiences.

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  • Composite user-generated images, text, and video into any video clip.
  • Blend techniques such as motion blur and color correction
  • Built from the ground-up to include a mobile-friendly solution for every campaign.
  • Live dashboard, campaign data is collected for instant review or post-mortem analysis.
  • Incorporate UGC into dynamic video.
  • Text can be customized, randomized, or personalized, and then blended into a scene.
  • Display user-generated text such as names, prices, locations, and more
  • Cue audio up to say what you want when you want.
  • Ability to integrate visual effects on text, images, scene transitions, and more.
  • Different video clips can be injected at different times to tell an infinite amount of unique stories.
  • Generates high quality 1080p videos for seamless playback
  • Advanced facial detection technology to scan UGC to locate people and overlay effects onto or around faces.
  • Take written text and overlay the dynamic text as audio, then integrate it into a scene.
  • Pre-existing web and app API


Imposium pricing is not publicly listed. For packaging and pricing information contact the vendor directly.



Customers, Verizon Super Bowl, Tripadvisor, Tostitos, Orsted, Stranger Things 2, T-Mobile, Activision, Google, Ford

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