How To Use Video To Maximize Engagement At Events

How to maximize the effectiveness of your event marketing.

How To Use Video To Maximize Engagement At Events

The secret to live events like trade shows is creating a memorable experience that will stick with attendees and those that have stopped by your booth long after they have returned home. This experience actually begins before you arrive onsite at the event, it starts with the email marketing your team is doing, the promotions from the event itself and the work your sales team is doing to get the right people to come by the booth and take interest in your brand. Video is one of the best tools for creating not only a memorable experience but will drive real results for your company. Here’s how:

Before the event

Start creating and distributing video communication about 6-8 weeks before your event. The videos should live on a branded video player and be hosted on your website. The videos are to be purposed on landing pages linking to the emails your sending directly to your highly targeted registered-attendee list. You will want to consider a couple of different video format types:

Why Us Videos

With most conferences exhibitors are constantly competing with each other for a few moments of your time and attention, the best way to get mindshare is to email in advance of the event. Cut through the noise by providing emails that have value based messaging. Have strong CTAs that are compelling other than winning a free iPad or vacation by stopping by the booth. Create videos that educate the highly targeted conference audience on industry topics

Humanize Your Videos

Your team is going to be out on the floor at the event working the booth, networking, attending sessions. Get these key team members on camera before the event and include them in your video content. This will help get conference attendees familiar with their faces and if they see them at the event they will most likely recognize people in the videos and walk up to the booth to start a conversation.

The Giveaway

Everybody is doing it. Your company is most likely going to give away something cool at your next event, maybe its an iPad, iWatch, or a trip to Mexico. Bring this giveaway to life by creating a high-energy video trailer about it.

During The Event

Create videos during the event, taking advantage of the energy and the environment while building out your video content library. Shoot interviews with attendees to feature on your blog and website and sync with industry influencers. This is the time to create content you can stack up and use for the next couple of months for other purposes.

Capture Those Customers

If you are attending an event where you know customers are present schedule times to get them in front of the camera and shoot testimonials. These can be filmed at your booth or a quite room nearby. Hotel suites tend to work great for this.

Now a nice infographic from our friends at SmartDigital.



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