Switcher Studio Review


  • The software is very easy-to-use can be downloaded to any iPad, iPhone or android device and set up and streaming within minutes.
  • The software is stacked with features, including the ability to use multiple devices as cameras at once, remote presenters, graphics and branding.
  • Customer service is responsive and support is conducted via the website, email and dedicated support representative.
  • The platform is designed for more advanced live streaming, specifically using mobile devices -- if you're setup is mobile then you'll find the value of this platform through the roof.
  • We're highly likely to recommend this software for video creators and organizations that have a mobile-first video content creation and live streaming strategy.


  • The software is very easy to use but is limited to mobile and tablet devices, so if you are looking for strictly web software, look elsewhere.
  • The software has tons of features, it's easy to use, but again, it's mobile focused.
  • Customer service and account management are responsive.
  • The platform is designed for intermediate to advanced users, focused on mobile filming and streaming -- if you're strategy is mobile, the value is huge, otherwise consider alternatives.
  • We're highly likely to recommend this software, but specifically for mobile streaming strategies only.


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