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How To Build an OTT Video Platform To Generate Revenue in Billions?

How To Build an OTT Video Platform To Generate Revenue in Billions?

The OTT Platform is becoming more mainstream which is potentially worth worldwide around $80 Billion by 2022

In recent years, OTT platforms have empowered customers by providing them with a complete variety of entertainment choices. 

With these upgrades in the streaming trend, users are no longer tied down on the traditional viewing experience, personalization has been the trend which predicts what users most like to watch. 

As the OTT develops and households are upgrading to stream content across all devices through apps. And it is worth considering & investing in the OTT market which will eventually resemble the market growth that smartphones have made till the date. 

This is the reason behind the words from Apple CEO Tim Cook said that “The Future of TV is Apps”. 

The Majority of TV Viewing Experience is Streamed OTT Through Apps 

It’s not surprising that what Tim Cook said is a reality, it is found that more than 54% of total household television are Wi-Fi connected homes. The streaming of video content is said to be over-the-top to a television set. The OTT trends have not just streamlined the entertainment world but also transfigured the viewing experience major industries as well. 

The Impact of OTT Trend in Enterprises and Businesses 

When the UC (Unified Communication) has been overused in the industry of businesses for maintaining a healthy communication, now the enterprise IT teams are getting closer OTT services. This helps in providing business the kind of consumer experience where the consumers take the communication granted into their personal life. In order to make the communication into a reality, enterprises and businesses move in building their own OTT video platform. The OTT trend enhances the productivity of team communication with greater user experience and cost saving. 

Ensuring Undivided Growth in the Entertainment Service with OTT

As the online entertainment market is maturing and evolving to greater heights, Netflix and other OTT video platforms are growing popularity. As the entertainment businesses are positioning themselves into new heights like how Hulu, Netflix and Amazon Prime, new OTT service providers are into the journey in offering the favorite movies, TV shows that consumers expected to watch. Entertainment service providers are into the OTT market in building an OTT video platform from scratch. 

These growth of OTT service in various industries are promising factors for aspiring businesses and enterprises to build an OTT platform that urges the business value of OTT services and business growth. To all those billion dollar questions like “How to build an OTT Video platform”, “Building an OTT video platform from scratch” to own this lucrative business, here comes the detailed view in creating your own OTT service. 

Before getting into the actual development of the OTT video platform, let us understand it’s sublime technologies which have been the success of this lucrative business like Netflix. 

The Awe-inspiring Technologies behind the Success of OTT Services like Netflix

Hosting: This has been the major factor in predicting the success nature of the OTT video platform. Before building an OTT video platform, the importance of hosting possibility is a major factor whether you tend to deploy on the cloud such as Saa-based or self-hosting (On-premises). The planning of hosting will impact the difficulty of deployment where cloud-hosting will be more straightforward and self-hosting requires adequate skills and dimensioning levels. 

Multiple CDN: Choosing of CDN is one of an essential factor for delivering of right content at right time to the right audience. It’s not that all the CDN will support all the streaming choices, choosing the right Multi-CDN support will ensure in balancing the user-loads to reach every geographical audience. 

Streaming Protocol: To stream the content live, streaming protocols for OTT video platform consist of multiple streaming protocols for video delivery such as Real-time Streaming Protocol (RTSP), Real-time Transport Protocol and much more. In this case, RTSP and RTP are much used to stream LIVE content where RTP has used transport media data which is negotiated over RTSP. 

Security: Security risk is at the high priority while building your own OTT video platform. An advanced set of security layers ensures your entire OTT video platform is safeguarded from unauthorized access into the video content. This also increases the credibility of your OTT video services. 

Transcoder: Ensuring a better positive experience is vitally important after a successful building of your own OTT video platform. Choosing of the right transcoder is significant in providing multiple file formats that are compatible with all the players and platforms. 

Cross-platform Support: Availability on hundreds of platforms such as Smartphones, Tablets, Connected TVs etc., to initiate and perform the playback at anywhere, anytime that the consumer wishes to watch. 

These notable technologies are the huge resource in building an OTT Video Platform from scratch or a brand new one that results in delivering lucrative business like how Netflix, Hulu is generating in the OTT market. The OTT trend ignites the opportunities to take the future of TV beyond the living room with the advanced multi-screen compatible apps to watch anywhere. 

So, how could you create the future of TV in this enclosed OTT Trend?

However, you’d still need to partner with world’s leading OTT video solution provider. 

It’s time to introduce one of the leading OTT solution Provider to Build Your Future TV.

Introducing Vplayed, a video solution provider to make OTT TV a reality. Vplayed is a video solution provider in the market for content owners and aspiring enterprises to build VOD, Live streaming, OTT and Audio platforms that perform across any platform. The video solution provider encompassed with multiple features, flexible hosting possibility, advanced security layers and much more to build customizable and scalable OTT video platforms that adapt to the future of OTT TV apps. 

The Worth Mentioning Features That Vplayed Offers To Build OTT Video Platform

100% Customizable: Vplayed ensures to build your OTT platform with N number of customization in functionalities, features, hostings that adapts to any of your OTT video platform expectations. 

In-built Player: The solution is in-built with advanced HTML5 player with enriched features to deliver impeccable playback functionality and to work seamlessly on cross-platforms and devices. 

Video CMS: The highly scalable CMS provides adequate tools like analytical reports, automation of video publishing, encoder and transcoder to overseers the complete status of your OTT video platform. 

Multi-screen Compatible: Vplayed offers multi-screen OTT video platform to enhance the consumer viewing experience whatever the device and platform the user viewing the video content. 

Adaptive Bitrate Streaming: With Vplayed’s dynamic bitrate streaming enables high streaming of video content over the internet is possible from conventional HTTP web servers. This helps in breaking the content into small segments to deliver high-quality video content whatever the user-bandwidth. 

Integrated Paywall: The highly secure paywall ensures integration of various payment gateways to which enable consumers to pay the subscription bills anywhere, anytime in a secure environment.

Real-time Analytics: With an advanced OTT analytical dashboard, helps to monitor the growth of the OTT platform and TV everywhere for the content holder’s to maximize the user experience with instant business metrics. 

Content Partner: Distribution of video content of third-party content owners to maximize the credibility of your OTT video platform by offering individual analytical dashboard to enrich the platform with frequent feedbacks and growth analysis. 

Social Integration: Access, Share and Engage users with integrating the significant social platforms to enable users to share video content directly to social walls which helps in enhancing the OTT platform brand. 

Offline Download: The OTT apps allows the user to view the video content on both TV and devices in offline without the Internet by downloading the content. 

Multiple Security Layers That Drives Vplayed As Most Secure Environment 

Multi-DRM: Ensures control access to copyrighted materials by preventing unauthorized redistribution of video content and restrict the methods of consumers to copy the content that they have purchased.

Access Control:Securing the content in the OTT platform or the entire account by email verification, OTP verification, Single Sign-in, Social media access and much more. 

Watermarking:With watermarking technique, distribution of watermarked content is prevented through the security tool of watermarking that documents the ownership to track the original content by uniquely marked one. 

Encryption: With high encryption system, distribution of encryption and decryption keys with backend licensing servers helps content owners to prevent access of unauthorized users. 

Diverse Monetization Methods To Reap in Millions 

Subscription:Power your OTT business value with subscription-based access to the content for consumer based on a monthly or yearly-based subscription which generate revenue in a continuous process.

Advertisement:With OTT advertising, enables the advertiser to promote their brand or product on a digital stream of content which has a high potentiality of growth compared to other monetization models. 

Catch Up TV: Rebroadcasting of time-delayed programmes that are already broadcasted on parental channel helps viewers to watch the video content. This type of monetization model is exclusively for the broadcast of already published which helps in generating huge number of revenue growth. 


As the OTT market is evolving, there is certainly not only one OTT option to partner with in order to build an OTT video platform, even more, solution providers to choose from. Building an ideal OTT video platform depends on the strategy and business value you demand to capture the OTT market. Choosing your bricks and mortar matters highly where customization of the OTT platform to your business needs helps in successful holding of OTT business. 

You can find more information about Vplayed and its features here.

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