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CONTUS MirrorFly’s Communication APIs: The Growing Demand for Social Media Platforms

CONTUS MirrorFly’s Communication APIs: The Growing Demand for Social Media Platforms

With the increasing demand and the requisite of getting connected with people on a real-time basis, messaging applications have become vital for most of the social media platforms to deliver exceptional service to their users.

What is a Communication API?

A Communication API is an Application Program Interface that can be used to cater real-time chat features to a website as well as an application. Communication APIs can be easily integrated to a website or an application by following a few steps as per the API documentation or by using a Chat SDK (Software Development Kit).

How do APIs work?

To use an analogy, we’ll compare this to ordering food at a Hotel. When you step up to the Hotel, you’re given a menu with several dishes listed on it. To understand this like an API, there’s a prevailing convention you can follow (i.e., the menu) to determine your order and obtain the food.

Here, the menu presented to you is the application interface. The dishes listed on the menu are what the bearer has agreed to serve. When you ask for a certain dish on the menu, you receive it. And if you order any other dish that is not listed in the menu, then it is difficult to deliver your order.

To relate this back to the software, an API can help the application recover specific data types from another. If the API doesn’t support certain types of data, it won’t facilitate the recovery of that “off-menu” data.

Role of Communication APIs in social media 

Communication APIs power conversations; you can create a real-time communication channel between users by adding this exciting feature to your website or mobile app.

Communication APIs are used for implementing chat and messaging features on websites, and other services like voice and video calling provided on web and mobile applications. These are also great tools for marketing purposes!

These APIs allow you to create multiple communication channels on the website or app. You can create the most suitable communication channel as per your business requirements and boost your business growth.

Why do you need a communication API in Social Media?

Personalized service

Social media intensified the expectation for personalization, since people are using their personal profiles, with their names and pictures, to reach out for support. You need not ask for the customer name to respond or solve their queries with your social media platform. With communication APIs, you can also pull information from customer’s social profiles to further personalize their experience.

Speedy responses

If a user reaches out on social media, they expect that someone is going to reply to them quickly. People always reach out to a social media platform to connect with other users in a timely manner. They want the facility of an instant communication setting, so communication API is a key feature to start on the right foot with users on social media.

Convenient support

Social platforms are easy to use on mobile, and on the go. However, without the support of chat conversations, the users might not feel comfortable with the social media apps. Live social chat is exclusively positioned to take advantage of these circumstances, especially if your communication feature is easy to find and available on mobile.

What you can achieve with Communication API

Chat applications support your users interacting with each other on your platform. It will build your user engagement and aids with retention, without actually requiring a lot of resources from your business.

Users are involved in bestowing each other with the essential information they seek via an instant communication system. It also saves time and helps the users to develop your goodwill among them.

Set Custom-made Interactions

You can add real-time communication to your online communities to message & interact with one-to-one or group over text, video, and voice calls instantly on diverse live streams regardless of time and device.

Keep Every Discussion Updated

You can engage the users by sending real-time push notifications and supporting them to stay connected. For instance, you can notify your users on every discussion, updates that happen in the community and thus increase the online community app’ retention rate.

Stay Connected from Any Device

User’s count will get expanded without any restraints in accessing your social community messaging app. It enables your users to be involved in conversations and discussions to reach out with other users right from any device (Android, iOS & Web) at any time.

Drive Your Community App Globally

Create unlimited channels, groups and support users to interact in private/public chats. It thus empowers users to partake in the unlimited channel according to their own interest within the social community app.

Add Virtual Video Interactions

Make your community more interactive and fetch them virtually closer through video/voice calling. As your community grows, scale the interactive opportunity by creating video conferencing to connect users across the globe.

Live Broadcasting

Entice a massive audience within your community app by creating a prospect for users to live broadcast the day-to-day events with Communication API. It will allow the users to host live interactive broadcasts within the channels and groups.

Make Conversations with Entertaining Emoticons

Add colourful emojis, stickers, stories, typing indicators, and smart replies to make the interaction more fascinating than you expected to be. Create instinctive features that will keep users glued into the entertaining moments and, as a result, lift the app’s engagement.


Communication API is the need of the hour in these modern days. To chat or connect with users in social media, you need a communication API. Real-time chat feature in social media platforms is essential to connect between two or more end users. There are many Communication APIs that provide instant chat messaging feature with real time communication 

Companies such as CONTUS Mirrorfly can integrate a Communication API app within your website or app. These Communication APIs can be used to add versatile social engagement capabilities to your applications!

What are you waiting for?

Click here and create your own Communication API application with custom features.

I am a passionate Product marketer at CONTUS MirrorFly, who likes to work in fast-paced environment of technology. In the last five years, I have been wearing multiple hats within the marketing realm and supporting various marketing efforts for enterprise software startups.

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