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10 Reasons Why VPlayed is The Best Choice For Content Owners

10 Reasons Why VPlayed is The Best Choice For Content Owners

Vplayed is a customizable end-to-end custom OTT solution with futuristic features backed by stable technology. It’s the first choice of many across industries when it comes to streaming video and audio content over multi-device platforms without a hitch.

Here’s why you should choose VPlayed?

1. Fully customizable

Of all the OTT platform providers out there, Vplayed is by far the most customizable one. The team creates stable architecture that you can build on using your preferred brand color palette and assets. It doesn’t stop at the front end though — you can also customize Vplayed to present and store content a certain way, plug your ideal revenue models, and add as many levels of interactions as you want without the fear of sudden breakdowns or unscheduled maintenance.

2. Host on-premise or on the cloud

Hosting choices differ from organisation to organisation. Some choose to keep the framework on their own servers, to keep data as confidential as possible and have more freedom and flexibility. On the other hand, organisations with limited space choose on-cloud options, as they’re centralised and can be accessed by team members without jeopardising safety. Vplayed is prepped for both types of hosting and doesn’t need additional customisation or tweaking to create the right fit. As a result, you can plug Vplayed OTT solutions into any server you choose and have it running like clockwork.

3. Stream seamlessly

As an online video hosting platform, Vplayed features an HTML5 video player that ensures video content can be played seamlessly on any platform, regardless of bandwidth. It also allows for audio streaming without a hitch, and this makes the potential of using Vplayed that much wider. And finally, Vplayed offers live streaming, which is a must-have on any white label video hosting platform worth it’s salt in the 21st century. The advanced integration capabilities allow you to reach your audience where they spend the most time — on social media. Good-to-have features such as buzz countdowns, live stream recording and product plugs allow you to achieve multiple business goals with the Vplayed streaming platform.

4. Generate several revenue streams

What makes video streaming services truly great is the number of options it has to generate revenue without ruining the viewing experience. With Vplayed, that’s another concern laid to rest, as there are multiple video content monetisation options to choose from, including:

  • SVOD: users consume as much content as they want after paying a flat monthly or yearly fee
  • TVOD: viewers buy the content they wish to watch on a pay-per-view basis
  • AVOD: users watch for free, but revenue is generated through ad placements

Other OTT monetization solutions include SSAI, catch-up TV and giving out coupons and promotions to diversify revenue streams.

5. Guarantee DRM and high security

Using Vplayed ensures that the audience can watch video content securely, and the content itself remains safe from instances of piracy and illegal copying. These security features are integrated into the architecture, which means there won’t be any need to plug in more features — and this way, your audience’s trust in your platform is high from the get-go. Integrated security features in the Vplayed streaming solution include:

  • AES Encryption
  • Multi DRM Platform
  • Access Control
  • Geo-blocking
  • Paywall Integration
  • Password Protection
  • Advanced SSL Certification
  • Screenshot Prevention
  • Dynamic Watermarks
  • Parental Control
  • Restrict Simultaneous Logins

6. Play across browsers with the HLS online video player

With the VPlayed HLS Player, you’ll be able to showcase videos in a responsive and intuitive interface that remains stable throughout. UI/UX configurations ensure you’re able to autoplay, prompt follow-up videos, and schedule videos according to preferred times as well. Multi-screen support and subtitling features ensure your audience is as diverse and unrestricted as possible, which widens the scope for more engagement and interactions through your online video player.

7. Catalogue content with inbuilt video content management software

It is essential for a video CMS platform to be able to retrieve content within milliseconds, enable viewers to select what they want to watch and make recommendations based on past viewership. Vplayed cms solutions are built to support a catalogue of thousands of videos and audio files and remain stable even when just as many users are watching at the same time. There are multiple features to ease the process of video uploading, including video captioning, analytics, scheduling, categorisation and managing metadata.

8. Optimize reach with in-depth video analytics

With Vplayed, you can evaluate the video and revenue models you’ve chosen to optimize performance. The in-depth video analytics tab tells you which channels your domain is streamed on for how long and which sections have the highest interaction for informative accounts. A live dashboard keeps track of all your metrics; a detailed report ensures you know where to optimize and where to pull back. Other features for video streaming analytics include:

  • 3rd Party Analytics Integration
  • Custom Metrics
  • Device Data
  • Network Data
  • Stream Data
  • Player Data
  • User Data
  • Video Quality Data

9. Expand your audience with powerful video marketing

OTT video marketing is a ripe avenue to increase revenue while promising users a stellar viewing experience. Vplayed packs all the essential features as well as a complete host of advanced ones that increase the potential of your platform. AI-powered recommendation engines ensure your viewers always have something to watch or listen to. Email marketing and social publishing reach users directly and invite them to visit your platform with enticing messages. Video sitemaps and metadata management ensure high search engine rankings; lead capture forms help you bridge the gap between visitor and user. Other video marketing platform features, including article matching, video embedding, and marketing software integration, help expand your platform’s reach exponentially.

10. Allow playback anytime, anywhere, with multi-device support

Vplayed’s architecture is such that it is flexible and deliverable across all devices, regardless of their specs and resolution. iOS and Android compatibility is guaranteed, as these are essential facets of multi-platform delivery. Vplayed is also prepped for use on TV apps, including Apple, Android, Roku, Amazon Fire and Chromecast, including when connected to smart TVs.

Explore More Features here: https://www.vplayed.com

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