What is AI Video?

AI video enables digital content creators to generate different types of media (voice, images, video, text) using a web browser.

What is AI Video?

AI video is quickly replacing traditional video editors and video creators that video and film creators use today. With AI video, creators can pull together a video from text, existing video clips, blog articles and pretty much any data, automatically to create videos. This process all enabled and orchestrated by artificial intelligence.

Just as we are seeing with the recent rise of Chat GPT, AI video will no doubt play an important role in the future of media creation and consumption both for media organizations but also for businesses.

What exactly is AI video?

AI video is cutting edge technology that enables digital content creators to generate different types of media (voice, images, video, text) using a web browser. AI video removes the need to go onsite with expensive production equipment and all the time needed to get a video right in post production.

AI video is also known as AI Generation, Generative Media and Synthetic Media, which basically means that the video content is created by software vs traditional media which is human shot (filmed) and edited video. So AI video is posed to replace filming and editing video altogether.

The Best AI Video Generators For Digital Marketers

How are digital marketers and content creators using AI video?

Creating videos from text, images and descriptions. Video generation tools create engaging and professional videos based on input of text, images, descriptions.

Creating videos with text-to-speech. Probably one of the most common uses for AI video is text-to-speech, which is a very simple way to create videos for promos, product overviews and more.

Modifying and enhancing existing videos: AI video tools can make it simple to make changes to existing video footage and clips. A few examples of this are sharpening the video, smoothing motion, reducing background noise and making audio clearer, adjusting aspect ratio and much more.

AI video production use cases

Text-to-video generation

Text-to-speech allows creators to create videos using any written text. This method has many benefits including:

  • Create videos in different languages and localize the content at scale.
  • Create videos using different images and videos.
  • Add human-like AI avatars to videos to speak out the text you have provided.

Video animation generation

Video animation generation allows creators to create animated explainer videos using data, text, images and other content. Animated explainer videos can be great for product tutorials, training, education and more. This method has many benefits including:

  • Automatic virtual and realistic scene creation
  • 3D facial modeling for characters with realistic facial movements

Video enhancement

AI video tools include many useful features that simplify the editing process and automatically create professional videos with no prior video editing skills or experience. AI video enhancement’s can typically be:

  • Applying filters to the video
  • Adjusting the video’s aspect ratio
  • Motion smoothing
  • Image sharpness
  • Sound clarity and background noise reduction

How is AI video used by marketers in campaigns?

AI video can be especially powerful when combined with a distribution strategy. Here are a few examples of how marketers are incorporating AI video into campaigns and digital experiences:

AI Video Script Writing: AI language models like GPT are transforming the way video creators are writing scripts, but automating a majority of the process so only small edits are needed before heading into production.

AI Video Translation & Localization: Instead of manually translating video content AI video technology will do it automatically and create various versions and languages of a specific video automatically.

AI Video Recommendations & Personalization: AI video can be used for contextual, object-triggered advertising and recommendations on websites, streaming services and other digital media experiences.


It is only just the beginning for AI video and over time AI video technology will become the key method to creating engaging and high performing video. Because technical limitations are removed with AI video and anyone with an idea can now create video content, there will be an unlock of creativity and storytelling like we have never seen before.

In the years come the expensive process of video production will become completely commoditized, video marketing at scale, delivered in a personalized experience is what lies ahead.

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