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Vintom offers a video platform for creating and deploying persuasive, personalized video that drives customer engagement between a brand and individual across the entire buyer journey. The technology uses customer data to deliver a unique personal experience to every viewer.

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  • Enable novel storytelling by mechanizing customer data to create unique videos tailored for each individual viewer
  • Select from a number of scenes and templates
  • Show dynamic images based on specific data or like numbers to create graphs and charts
  • OpenAPI so you can feed data from any system
  • Pull geo-information like address to show relevant information near by within the video using maps
  • Video interactivity including lead forms, click to dial, A/B testing.
  • Advanced analytics to collecting information on conversions, etc.



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Pricing is not mentioned or publicly available. 50Wheel predicts the pricing model to consist of a monthly or annual fee and then a per video price scale.

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