Video Review and Collaboration Software

The 2022 Buyer's Guide

Customers pay an average of $15 a month.

Made for organizations of all shapes & sizes, individuals and enterprises.

There are over 15 vendors in this category.

The leaders in this category are from the United States.

The leading industry customers are Media & Entertainment organizations.

85% of the software listed connects with popular business applications.


This guide focuses on video software designed for video production professionals and video content teams. Whether you are an agency looking to collaborate with clients or a media house producing feature length films — these software tools do just that and much more. Collaborate efficiently throughout the entire video editing and production experience with video review and collaboration software.

Common feature sets

Storage, organization and presentation of videos
Tagging, metadata management, comment management
Video tagging, chat and collaborator discussions
Integrates with video editors and production suites

The Guide

The video software in this guide is broken down into a number of high level rating and ranking categories which you can see to your right. There are also secondary sub-categories which you can find below in this column.

Relevant Categories

About the Guide

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What is video review and collaboration software?

The Elevator Pitch

Video Review and Collaboration Software is technology that enables video professionals to easily and effectively collaborate around the editing and post-production of video content. The software saves time and effort by centralizing feedback conversation around editing a specific video and reduces physical boundaries needed to screen and approve videos.

In order to be included in the Video Review and Collaboration Software category, a product must:

  • Allow for the uploaded, storage, organization and sharing of video files
  • Provide video tagging and metadata features to optimize organization
  • Provide tools for discussion and chat tied to a specific video
  • Integrations with video editing and production software suites

The Top Feature Sets

Video Review and Collaboration software is simply a suite of tools to preview, tag and comment on videos in the editing and post-production process.

The top feature sets include:

  • The ability to import video from popular video editing suites and tools.
  • The ability to tag video points and start comment threads.
  • The ability to preview video in a secure environment both on desktop and mobile
  • The ability to respond to threads from email.
  • The ability to easily invite and manage video editing collaborators

The Pricing & Packaging

One of the biggest benefits of this type of video software is the low cost to entry, making it really easy to get started. Most vendors offer starter plans with limited functionality for free. 

Generally, vendor plans are packaged with:

  • Basic video hosting, streaming and collaboration feature sets.
  • Sharing capabilities, such as email invites and video previews via link.
  • Connectors with popular video editing suites.
  • Collaborator management
  • White label and branding

Organizations that use video software for sales are paying on average $15 per month, per user.

The Top Software Available

When it comes to vendors that offer video software for sales, there are over 15 of them. They come from all across the globe, with the most popular being in the United States. Depending on your specific need, each vendor has its specific niche and tailors their technology slightly to serve it. Go out and explore, compare and see what’s right for you and your business.

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