Video Nurture Campaigns For Customer On-Boarding

Learn how to design and implement video nurture campaigns for onboarding and retaining your customers.

Video Nurture Campaigns For Customer On-Boarding

Customer marketing campaigns come in all shapes and sizes. They can start the minute the contract is signed or a credit card is charged, backing the onboarding process. These campaigns are also a chance to put all the new associated contacts into your CRM and run a nurture track that’s optimized for customers or that account specifically. This can include operational tasks such as tagging them as customers in your CRM; sending a welcome email and launching a series of customer-centric emails and communications. Adding video to these emails will dramatically improve the effectiveness of your messaging, provide deep video engagement analytics that inform customer behavior, and speed up onboarding cycles.

Nurture campaigns should first introduce customers to your corporate brand, culture, as well as products and services. There should be multiple goals tied to customer nurture campaigns. The first is to achieve a smooth onboarding experience and over time to help cross-sell/up-sell your services and products, and ultimately have a positive impact on retention. Your customer campaigns should not only include introduction and advocacy emails that are driven by video content, but also touches on social media and personalization on your website.

Measure ROI of customer nurture campaigns based on onboarding retention goals. Achieve customer success and credibility by educating your customers immediately upon purchase. Customer nurturing is key to customer happiness and advocacy, it’s also an opportunity to tell your customers about the latest and greatest new features, products, or services you are rolling out the front door.

To get a better idea of what a video nurture campaign can look like for customer success, we’re put together a sample campaign for you.

Sample customer video nurture campaign:

Touch 1: Email with Personalized Video. Welcome to [Insert Your Company Name]

–> Use video personalization technology to generate a welcome video that is personalized to your new customer.

Touch 2: Email with Overview Video. Tips for your First 60-90 Days

–> Use video to outline what the first 60-90 days will be like for the new customer. Choose someone from the customer success team to be in front of the camera familiarizing the new customer will the whole onboarding process.

Touch 3: Social Video Interaction. Send a Tweet about the Customer Program

–> Send a tweet inviting the new customer to join your official customer program, whether a community or advisory board. Include a video in the tweet that explains the customer program in more detail.

Touch 4: Website Personalization. Display specific video content on your website.

–> Use website personalization and marketing automation tools to show a specific video to the customer the next time they visit the website. The video can be loaded on the main webpage in a lightbox and display within 6 seconds of the customer’s return visit.

Touch 5: Account Management Call Check-In

–>Video campaigns are never to be deployed without human touch. After 4 digital touches have your team follow up with the customer via phone.

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