Video Marketing Guide For Government and Public Agencies

Government focused video software strategy advice.

Video Marketing Guide For Government and Public Agencies

Video marketing is not only transforming the way B2B and B2C businesses communicate, share, learn, and collaborate, but also world governments and public agencies. Global, national, and local governments, as well as NGOs are now taking advantage of online video across mobile, social, web, and soon to be home livingroom. If you are with a government or public agency looking to leverage online video, you should be focusing on a solution that provides secure and reliable video anywhere on any device. The solution should be scalable to millions, potentially billions of viewers and users. The results will have a dramatic, positive impact on the way governments communicate and collaborate internally, and engage with billions of citizens online. In this short guide I will provide a high level overview of video marketing for government, some popular use cases and feature sets your online video software should must have to be successful.

With online video governments can:

  • Introduce new programs to staff and to public audiences
  • Broadcast and record management messages
  • Publish training and compliance videos
  • Allow users to showcase their work and share how-to videos
  • Stream council meetings, important events, and ceremonies


Internal Communications & Collaboration
What value does online video provide for internal communications and collaboration across employees and partners? There are a number answers, but in short, a solid internal video marketing and collaboration strategy will help build organizational knowledge and improve team productivity and collaboration. This can be done by giving the users the opportunity to create their own content and share it with others within the protected video viewing environments. Other benefits are the ability to share ideas at scale, and collaborate with teams located all over the globe.

Training & Knowledge Sharing
If your goal is to train staff, citizens, contractors, faster, cost effectively and with better learning results, there is no better medium than online video. Online video allows you to deliver video directly to the user wherever they are resulting in immediate savings on travel costs — if you host remote training sessions. Another experience that is powerful for training is a centralized video portal designed in a course-like, elearning experience. A portal can provide searchable training video libraries that scale training across users.

Video Portals
There are a ton of benefits to video portals such as the ease of locating content because it’s organized, centralized, and searchable. Secure video portas will increase the quality of staff communications, along with knowledge sharing, collaboration, training, and public engagement. With a portal users engage with an experience that allows them to search, browse, and watch videos.

Government Communications & Public Engagement
Video is a powerful way to engage the public through compelling video-centric messages that can be shared virally. By leveraging online video as a key tool to communicate with the public, you will modernize the way your organization drives engagement and strategically communicates with the public.

Consider platforms and solutions that have the following features?

  • Cloud based video hosting that supports internal and protected content
  • Secure live streaming that can scale across the globe
  • Video extensions for 3rd party CMS and LMS tools
  • Out of the box video portal
  • Supports viewing anywhere, and on any device
  • Integrates with existing SSO/LDAP/SAML mechanisms
  • The ability to customize the video player and portal
  • In-player interactivity, calls-to-action and recommendation engines
  • Easy video player integration and embedding of videos into existing websites
  • Easy publishing and syndication of video to search engines, social media sites, news sites, and online blogs
  • Detailed analytics to track video engagement


To view video hosting vendors that have solutions tailored for government, click here.

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