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one of the most uncomfortable and bugged programs i have ever used

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Sorry if it can be a bad english but it’s not my first language.
I had to use this program for a course i had in my uni (politecnico di Torino), there was not even a person in a class of 110+ people that liked how the program worked, it is constantly bugged, it is intuitive but totally limitative, you do an action and it cancels it without any known reason, cannot zoom on a sequence you are creating forcing you to make millimetrical movements to do a decent job, it has pratically no keayboard shortcuts, you cannot use ctrl+c ctrl+v to copy and paste a text in a text holder, the edit a text it has a white background and if you write in white (and in certain cases you have to) unless you carve out your eyes you cannot read what you write.
What I wrote is just the tip of the iceberg, I have never worked so slowly and angrily with a program, if you don’t know how to program in html just pay somebody else to do the job beacouse he will do the job much better than Klynt can ever do.

Pretty angry after the other bug i found costing me 1h of work to redo from the start.

Ah, I forgot, from when I started using it, it has problems with chrome (the most used browser) and doesn’t work with phones.

TL;DR: this program has lots of bugs, gives more problems than solutions, a pain in the back to work with and it does not work perfectly with the most used browser.

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