Tips for Relationship Marketing with Video

Tips for Relationship Marketing with Video

The success of your business relies heavily on how well you take care of your customers. Therefore, your focus should be on nurturing customer relationships from the first interaction to purchasing and beyond.    

Let’s chat more about the beyond. Of course, building brand awareness and acquiring new customers is an integral part of your customer relationship management strategy. However, keeping customers and garnering long-term engagement from them is just as, if not more important. 

Diving into relationship marketing helps you focus on customer loyalty. In addition, relationship marketing aids your customer retention efforts by building trust and encouraging repeat business. You can level up your relationship marketing strategy with video content.    

Video content has a profound impact on whether customers view your brand as trustworthy. When done right, video content can build the trust you need with your audience to gain a more loyal customer base. Here are six tips for using video content in relationship marketing. 

Define Your Relationship Marketing Strategy 

Before you complement your relationship marketing strategy with video content, you must define your strategy first. 

How will you build on the relationships you have with existing customers and keep them coming back for more? You can answer this question with a detailed relationship marketing strategy. 

Your relationship marketing strategy should outline:

  • Where your customers are
  • Your customer service strategies 
  • Ideas for generating brand loyalty  
  • The details of your customer loyalty program
  • How you’re going to collect customer feedback 
  • Whether you’re going to introduce a referral program 
  • How you’re going to engage with customers where they’re at 
  • How you’re going to connect with existing customers on specified marketing channels 

Next, study the ins and outs of your customers. 

Study Your Customers  

Cultivating deeper, more meaningful relationships with your customers relies on how well you know them. Furthermore, when you know your customers, you can create video content that resonates with them. 

Study the following about your target audience to ensure you’re using video content to your advantage in relationship marketing:

  • Most popular social media platforms
  • Most popular products with your customers
  • Which marketing channels your customers are drawn to
  • Video messaging and topics that interest your customers   
  • The video length that resonates most with your customers
  • Demographic patterns and similarities among repeat customers 

Also, as you learn about your target audience, you can create videos that enhance your outreach strategies.

Use Video to Enhance Your Outreach Strategies

You must reach out to your current customers consistently if you want to deepen your relationships with them. You can build brand loyalty with video content that keeps your recurring customers entertained, educated, and engaged.  

The following types of videos can aid your relationship marketing and customer outreach efforts:

  • FAQ videos
  • Explainer videos
  • Company story videos
  • Video-based newsletters  
  • Customer testimonials
  • Product/Service tutorials 
  • Brand comparison videos  
  • Social responsibility videos
  • Creative social media videos
  • Personalized email marketing videos 

You can also use video content for retargeting your audience. 

Retarget Your Audience Using Video 

Many people will visit your website and leave without making a purchase. Don’t make the mistake of neglecting this massive pool of potential customers. They visited your site for a reason. Find out what it was and make an effort to bring these customers back to your website with compelling video content. 

In other words, retarget them. Take the time to rebuild relationships that have fallen off. Doing this shows customers that you’re willing to develop a relationship with them at their pace.  

Focus on creating video content that:

  • Builds their confidence in your brand
  • Shows you understand their pain points
  • Shows your commitment to customer service
  • Shows them how your product/service can enhance their life 
  • Highlights the benefits of being a loyal customer with your business  
  • Shows your genuine interest in their complete satisfaction with your brand  

After you deploy your relationship marketing video content, track its performance. 

Use Data Analytics to Measure Results 

To take full advantage of video content in your relationship marketing strategy, you must track its performance. Insert business analytics here. 

Business analytics is defined as “a practice by which a specific set of techniques, competencies, and procedures are applied to perform the continuous exploration, iteration, and investigation of past and current business data, for the purposes of obtaining insights about a business that can lead to improved decision-making.” 

Analytics are critical for measuring the results of your relationship marketing campaigns. They’re also crucial for determining what’s working and what isn’t regarding your video content. You can use what you learn from analytics to:

  • Improve video content with low engagement 
  • Scale what’s what working with your video content 
  • Boost your relationship marketing team’s productivity 
  • Study the relationship your customers have with video content 
  • Allocate resources more appropriately in your relationship marketing strategy 

Lastly, build a relationship marketing and video production team if at all possible. 

Build a Relationship Marketing and Video Production Team 

You should create a team dedicated to relationship marketing. Your team should include video production specialists so that your video content aligns with your relationship marketing goals.  

A designated team makes it easier for you to maintain brand consistency across your relationship marketing materials. A team of experts also helps you maintain a quality standard for your video content. 

Ultimately, building a relationship marketing and video production team ensures that you execute your video content and relationship marketing goals. 


Relationship marketing is much more impactful when you use video content in your strategy. However you decide to implement video content in your relationship marketing, ensure your effort is consistent. Create lots of quality video content that builds trust and helps your brand stand out from its competitors.

Beau Peters is a creative professional with a lifetime of experience in service and care. As a manager, he's learned a slew of tricks of the trade that he enjoys sharing with others who have the same passion and dedication that he brings to his work. When he is not writing, he enjoys reading and trying new things.

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