TikTok For B2B: Video Marketing Strategy Tips 2023

TikTok For B2B: Video Marketing Strategy Tips 2023

Are you a B2B business looking to creating a TikTok B2B video marketing strategy? This article includes some of the top tips for video marketers looking to take advantage of TikTok for B2B.

If you are looking around the room and seeing people starring into their phones laughing, then there is a really good chance that those people are watching videos on TikTok. And, you’re probably thinking, “how do I take advantage of this captive audience for my business?”

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TikTok can be overwhelming, so much so, it can be hard to know where to start when it comes to promoting your brand. In this article we’ll share how you can enter the world of TikTok for B2B in 2023 without overwhelming yourself or your team.

How To Get Started With TikTok B2B

When it comes to TikTok videos there is one general rule: the content needs to be fun! Why? Because TikTok prioritizes quick hits or videos, especially if the content is educational or entertaining. So, if you want to be successful with TikTok your business needs to create lighthearted, non-salesy, authentic videos.

Also very important (especially for promotion) is tagging and hashtags. Before posting video to TikTok research the different hashtags and analyze the common themes and tags that you can use with your videos to reach the most relevant audience with the best format for success.

It’s what happens in the first five minutes of your TikTok videos that ultimately will draw in your audience, capture their attention and viewers feel compelled to comment and strike up conversation.

The Top Tips For TikTok B2B Video Marketing

  1. Create authentic video content specifically for TikTok — Repurposing or reposting videos that you created for other social media channels will NOT work well on TikTok. Remember, TikTok is its own platform and the audience expects content to be designed to fit into the way users engage with the app. So don’t take your YouTube videos and just upload them to TikTok, create videos specifically for TikTok.
  2. Keep videos short and front load value — Hook your audience quickly, you only a have a few seconds to do so (less than five seconds to be specific). Start videos by asking a question that is tied directly to the idea or story arc of your video, this will draw in the viewer.
  3. Establish and stick to your voice on TikTok — Decide on your brand’s voice when it comes to TikTok, this will be different than how you communicate on other social channels and more formal modes of communication. It’s best to create a funny, playful and saasy voices as it invokes curiosity and draws viewers in.

Why TikTok B2B Video Marketing Fails

  1. Targeting the wrong audience — One of the most common mistakes video marketers make with TikTok is creating amazing content but targeting the wrong people or audience. This can be avoided by researching hashtags and tagging videos correctly based on what is popular with your target audience.
  2. Nothing catchy to capture the viewer? — The content didn’t capture the viewer’s attention and people scrolled past it. This can happen even if the entire video is a quality piece by not focusing on hooking the viewer in the first five minutes of the video.
  3. The content is just plain bad — No one is engaging or watching your videos. This probably means that the content is not good. Make sure to spend the time to research and script videos specifically for TikTok.

This is your year for TikTok, expand your B2B video marketing strategy, follow the top trends, let your voice shine and grow your audience.

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