The Top 85 Video Marketing Statistics To Know in 2023

The 2023 Mega Guide To Video Marketing and Online Video Statistics and Data.

The Top 85 Video Marketing Statistics To Know in 2023

We’ve assembled the ultimate list of marketing and online video statistics to know in 2023 — 85 stats in all. Whether you are an expert marketer looking to get a snapshot of the industry and trends, or a novice looking to convince your boss of the power of marketing, this article has you covered.

Below you will find statistics that coverage a range of areas and topics including but not limited to: video production budgets, impact on marketing efforts, distribution channels, library sizes, business ROI and much much more.

Where do these stats come from? This statistics are pulled from surveys, partners and research 50wheel has conducted over the course of 2022. 50Wheel sees hundreds of thousands of visitors each month and we solicit feedback from that audience on a regular basis, resulting in some of the most pure and insightful statistics available. To learn more about 50Wheel, click here.

Now, on to the list!

85 Video Marketing Statistics

  1. 88% of all global businesses utilize video marketing in their branding and PR strategies.
  2. 52% of all businesses that are currently active with video marketing have just started using video within the last 12 months.
  3. 96% of video marketers find online video effective and plan to continue investing in video content in 2023.
  4. 34% of businesses use video as a tool for their sales teams to close more business.
  5. Business video viewership has increased by 250% in the last 5+ years.
  6. 88% of digital marketers have reported that video used in business processes delivers a positive return on investment (ROI)
  7. Over 62% of marketers consider video to be an extremely important component of their digital marketing and branding strategies in 2023.
  8. 65% of digital marketers measure video success by viewer engagement
  9. 86% of marketers report that video marketing has helped with lead generation.
  10. 85% of marketers report that online video has helped boost website traffic.
  11. 55% of marketers report that online video and video marketing has helped build customer trust.
  12. 81% of marketers report that video has increased their visitors’ average time on web site pages.
  13. 45% of marketers report that video has reduced the number of support calls their organization receives.
  14. On average, consumers watch over 19 hours of video each week.
  15. 94% of consumers have watched explainer videos to learn about a product or service.
  16. 71% of people prefer watching short videos to learn about a product or service vs long form videos.
  17. 43% of marketers create their own video content in-house.
  18. 41% of marketers create videos using simple devices such as a smartphone or tablet.
  19. 49% of marketers make some videos from scratch each time vs using professional or homemade templates.
  20. On average marketers spend around $1,000 per video they create.
  21. 69% of all marketing videos created are actually recorded presentations from online meetings.
  22. 62% of people prefer watching video content via online video platforms vs live TV.
  23. 88% of marketers report that YouTube is the most effective channel for video performance.
  24. 75% of marketers publish videos to YouTube.
  25. 75% of marketers post videos to Facebook.
  26. 65% of marketers plan to use Facebook in their video strategy in 2023. (Down nearly 5% from 2022.)
  27. 87% of Facebook videos are watched with the sound off.
  28. Tweets with videos generate 9x more engagement than those that don’t.
  29. 29% of marketers distribute content on TikTok.
  30. 6% of marketers plan to use Snapchat video in 2023.
  31. 71% of marketers used webinars to distribute video in 2022.
  32. 82% of marketers report that videos that include music perform better than those that don’t.
  33. 66% of marketers report that videos that include captions perform better than those that don’t.
  34. 67% of marketers believe that it’s very important to show diversity and inclusiveness in videos.
  35. 46% of marketers have reported that their video marketing strategy has been affected by the pandemic and related economic conditions.
  36. 39% of marketers believe that making videos is too expensive and therefore don’t include video content in their strategies.
  37. 42% of marketers report that their primary goal of their company’s video marketing efforts is to increase brand awareness and reach new audiences.
  38. 72% of marketers say their company owns the production equipment used to create video content..
  39. 63% of video marketers report that they use Adobe Premiere Pro for video editing software.
  40. 46% of marketers use an iPhone as their primary camera for video content.
  41. 89% of companies report that they have a dedicated production team for creating video content.
  42. Companies with dedicated video production teams on average are comprised of between two to five people.
  43. 83% of marketers report that their company has a budget specifically for video marketing.
  44. 18% of marketers report that their organizations spend between $5,000 to $10,000 to produce a single video.
  45. 32% of marketers reports that it takes an average of 2 weeks to create and edit a video.
  46. 38% of brands report that they publish two to four videos per month.
  47. 61% of marketers report that video marketing has been effective for reaching their organization’s business goals.
  48. 35% of marketers report that the most effective way to generate leads from videos is to place videos on landing pages next to a web form.
  49. 42% of marketers report that the optimal length of a marketing video is 60 seconds to 3 minutes in length.
  50. 44% of marketers report that short-form videos generate the biggest ROI.
  51. 31% of marketers report that the optimal length of a live video is 7 to 10 minutes.
  52. 71% of marketers report that video content showcasing products and services generates the biggest ROI.
  53. 59% of marketers report that they only use short-form videos for social media specifically.
  54. 56% of companies plan on increasing their investment in videos for TikTok in 2023.
  55. 62% of marketers report that their videos have the highest engagement when shared on Instagram.
  56. 59% of brands plan on increasing their investment in videos for Instagram in 2023.
  57. 29% of marketers plan to invest in YouTube more than any other platform in 2023.
  58. 16% of millennials watch between 10-20 hours of online video per week.
  59. 92% of all consumers watch videos exclusively on their mobile devices.
  60. 70% of all YouTube video consumption comes from mobile devices.
  61. 60% of content marketers plan to increase their budget for online video and video marketing in 2023.
  62. Total video advertising spend in the United States in 2022 is estimated to be $60 billion.
  63. 73% of B2B marketers use video marketing in their marketing strategies.
  64. 68% of B2C marketers use video marketing in their marketing strategies.
  65. Men spend 41% more time consuming online video content than women do.
  66. 78% of video viewers prefer watching a video horizontally.
  67. Interactive videos have the highest completion rate, sitting at 90% on average.
  68. Personalized videos are 37% more likely to retain viewers vs static video content.
  69. The most popular viewing time for online videos in the United States is Wednesdays between 7AM-11AM PST.
  70. Video posts on social media get 49% more views than posts that don’t have video.
  71. 19% of companies report that they use live video as a core component of their video strategy.
  72. 64% of universal searches on Google include a video.
  73. There are more than 38 million active channels on YouTube.
  74. 71% of businesses reported they manage no more than 10 videos in their library at any given time.
  75. 62% of businesses use free video hosting as their primary means of video marketing.
  76.  7% of business report using interactive video software.
  77. 15% of businesses use screen and video capture software
  78. 7% of businesses report that they use post-production and editing collaboration software in their video production process.
  79. 15% of businesses report that they measure the success of a video based on the amount of subscription revenue that video gets. 
  80. 61% of businesses say that they measure the impact of online video by the simple metric of the number of views or “plays” the video receives. 
  81. 24% of businesses reporting that they measure video performance based on the number of comments, retweets, subscribers generated and video shares.
  82. 83% of businesses say that they will spend less than $50,000 USD on video production, software and related costs in 2023. 
  83. 7% of businesses report that they are hiring more employees focused on video in 2023, despite turbulent economic conditions. 
  84. 13% of businesses plan to purchase new video software in 2022. 
  85. 29% of businesses reported that they will be cutting back on their video marketing budgets in 2023.

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Matt is an expert video content marketer with over 20 years of sales and marketing experience. Matt has produced and deployed thousands of videos and is the ultimate curator of online video software. Matt is the Founder and Chief Editor here at 50Wheel.

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