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The Top 12 Free and Paid Video Live Streaming Software in 2022

Social live streaming is one of the biggest benefits of live streaming software in 2022.

Last year live video exploded and more vendors than ever jumped into the space creating a toolbox of options to broadcast live on popular social media sites and across the internet.

While live streaming software used to be bulky, expensive and super cumbersome, today’s options are light, self-contained in the browser and super affordable if not free to use. Did I mention powerful? In 2022, live streaming software is very powerful, loaded with professional features that in the past would have required hardware to achieve.

With that said, we’ve put together a list of the top live streaming software apps and platforms to watch in 2022. We list them out below, but before we do that, let’s review some of the features that make these software tools so powerful.

Common feature sets of live streaming software in 2022

You’ll find that most live streaming software has two main functions and features:

  1. Controlling the cameras and live-editing video feeds
  2. Streaming, actually getting the signal up on the internet.

Let’s take a look at how live streaming software helps with controlling the cameras and what’s known as switching.

If you are using more than one camera for you live broadcast or you have other assets like images and videos you want to cut to throughout your stream, then you use live switching. Most live streaming software tools allow the switching and transitioning between different media assets, layouts, images or scenes. Uses for this would be switching between speakers, hosts and any other media needed to make your live presentation engaging and professional.

Now let’s take a look at how live streaming software helps stream your video out across the web to social media and websites.

Today most digital marketers are looking to reach and engage their audiences on social media. Instead of logging into each social media account and broadcasting using their proprietary technology. Video streaming software now has the ability to broadcast live to platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn or YouTube, simultaneously all from one interface in the live streaming software.

Social live streaming is one of the biggest benefits of live streaming software in 2022. The live video software now handles 99% of the work load, including encoding the video and distributing it in real-time to your social media account. These tools even have the ability for you to chat and interact with your audience and edit and delete the live video all without logging into each social media account separately.

This means all you need to be successful streaming to social media in 2022 is a web browser (even your phone will work) and access to really good live streaming software.

Now here are the top free and paid live streaming software platforms in 2022.

1. Melon

2. Restream

3. Streamyard

4. Lightstream

5. Switcher Studio

6. Dacast

7 – Boxcast

8 – Switchboard Live

9 – Streamera

10 – Streamster

11 – Flutin Live

12 – Livepush

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