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The 17 Best Video Hosting Software Platforms For Businesses in 2022

85% of the entire population of the United States watches online videos.

The 17 Best Video Hosting Software Platforms For Businesses in 2022

In 2022 48% of businesses will spend their video marketing budgets on video hosting software and platforms.

With video marketing exploding and smaller businesses getting into the streaming content business, the market for video hosting and live streaming platforms is on the rise. This is because of the engagement video gets as opposed to reading and article or static content like images.

Businesses looking to integrate video into everyday communication, externally supporting marketing and sales or internally for employee engagement and training must have a video hosting platform to be successful.

This article provides an overview of video hosting for businesses including a list of video hosting software and sites to use for storing and presenting videos online and a breakdown of video marketing use cases and investment ROI for hosting technology.

Why should your business use video?

In 2022 there is no question that online video is the best customer engagement type, with 64% of consumers saying that they prefer video instead of other content types.

Most businesses use online video for:

  • Reaching customers through video marketing campaigns and sales support.
  • Highlight products and services with demo videos.
  • Employee training and learning videos.
  • Launching a paid or free streaming content service.
  • Hosting virtual events, webinars and conferences using live video.

These are just a few examples, video can be used in many ways throughout most businesses and executing video marketing correctly comes down to the video hosting platform you are using.

What is video hosting and why do you need it?

Video hosting and streaming software is used by the world’s most valuable and successful brands, spanning a variety of use cases, in different departments for both internal and external communication.

Why your should invest in video marketing:

For more information on what businesses and consumers are doing with video marketing and video hosting check out our research here.

What makes business video hosting platforms unique?

Video hosting software enables businesses to store, organize and stream videos online in the cloud, from a single software interface. The best video hosting platforms for business are capable of sharing video across social media, broadcasting a live stream and presenting video in branded experiences on the web.

Business video hosting platforms are much more than simple video storage and playback through a player. These software tools have advanced features for content management, security, sales enablement, website marketing, lead generation as well as addressing internal learning needs.

In 2022 there is now software for businesses to launch their own streaming service like Netflix with over-the-top features and integration with connected TVs.

What are the top features of video hosting software for businesses?

Video Security

Businesses using video online for internal training and learning will care about security, especially for sensitive content like CEO messages and non-public product communications. Having this type of content hosted online makes video security one of the top requirements of business video hosting platforms.

Here are the top video security features common to business video hosting platforms:

  • Encrypted vide upload and file transfer
  • Password protected videos, video libraries and live stream broadcasts
  • Domain, IP and Geo Restrictions to control where a video is played back.
  • Tokenized security and AES encryption is also common with business video hosting platforms.

Video encoding and transcoding

When a video is uploaded to video hosting platform it is automatically converted and encoded into formats that are readable by web video players and web browsers to ensure seamless and beautiful video playback. Almost all business video hosting platforms have video encoding and transcoding.

Modern HTML5 Video Player

In 2022 its safe to say that all major business video hosting platforms include an HTML5 video player as part of their software package. HTML5 video players work across any device (mobile, desktop and TVs), and are a required component for a successful video viewing experience.

Most business video hosting platforms provide an HTML5 video player that can be branded and customized to fit most requirements. HTML5 video players are embeddable across the web.

Ability to launch and manage a live stream

Modern business video hosting platform include the ability to work with both on-demand or pre-recorded videos and also the capability to launch live streaming broadcasts for internal events, virtual conferences, webinars, etc.

It’s common to find that live streaming features include the ability to record the live stream, trim and clip it and share it later with the audience.

Video monetization toolsets

Businesses looking to build, launch and manage OTT streaming services and connected TV apps will find that most business video hosting platforms provide features for gating video and collecting payment for viewing access.

Video paywalls are now very common in 2022 and businesses can easily create libraries of subscription-based content, pay-per-view or ad monetized experiences.

Robust APIs to extend capabilities

Businesses looking to extend video capabilities beyond the core video hosting platform will want to look for software that offers API access. Having API access will enable the customization of the video experience, allow of integration in to 3rd party software or platforms including LMS, CRMs and DAMs.

Sales enablement & lead generation

Modern business video hosting platforms now have features to support sales and lead generation. These feature range from video record capabilities for sales reps, personalized video campaigns, email marketing integrations, interactive video and advanced video analytics and tracking.

In 2022 most business video hosting platforms integrate with sales and marketing software such as CRMs and MAPs.

The 17 Best Video Hosting Software Platforms For Businesses

With all those features in mind, choosing a business video hosting platform should be straight forward and easy. To make it even easier, we’ve compiled a list of the top video hosting software platforms to consider in 2022.

1. Vimeo

2 . Vidyard

3. Wistia

4. Brightcove

5. JWPlayer

6. Panopto

7. Microsoft Stream

8. SproutVideo

9. TwentyThree

10. Jet-Stream

11. Kaltura

12. MovingImage

13. Uscreen

14. Cincopa

15. Brandlive

16. Mux

17. Dacast

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