StreamYard Review


  • This software is extremely easy to use and set up. It's designed for basic streaming, yet can cater to more advanced production needs.
  • The software is fully loaded with all the features you would expect including branding options, multi-destination streaming and the ability to invite remote contributors into the stream.
  • The company offers support via in-app messaging.
  • For the price, this software offers a ton of value, especially if you are doing daily or weekly streams with multiple contributors.
  • We're very likely to recommend this software to individuals and organizations looking to produce live stream broadcasts to multiple destinations and with more than one contributor on the stream.


  • This software is very easy to use, but can be little too complex for someone just starting out or needing to run a basic single camera stream.
  • While the software is fully featured, it does lack mobile functionality as there is no native app available and streaming on mobile is via web browser.
  • Support, while very helpful, is limited and not set up for mission critical streaming.
  • For more complex broadcasts this software provides a ton of value for the price.
  • We're likely to recommend this software for more complex, multi-destination, multi-presenter broadcasts only.


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