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StoryTEQ is a video personalization platform that utilizes customer and business data to make online videos personal and relevant for each unique viewer or target audience across customer journeys, advertising and campaigns.

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  • Easily launch a personalized video campaign using the web platform.
  • Pull data from CRMs, DMPs, CMSs, Contextual (e.g. weather / time), Ad exchanges & DSPs, DMPs, Facebook, Youtube (Adwords), Product feeds
  • Delivery the personalized video back to the viewer via website, in app, email marketing.
  • Create video ads that modify existing content in real-time by adding screens, overlays, adapting scenes and changing the length of the video.
  • Platform generates .mp4s and VAST tags
  • APIs for integrating into existing business systems and CRMs


StoryTEQ pricing is not publicly listed. For packaging and pricing information contact the vendor directly.



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