How To Script Video Emails For Sales Engagement

Create more compelling and effective sales videos that build trust and convert.

How To Script Video Emails For Sales Engagement

Video is a powerful tool for sales professionals to harness and build trust throughout the sales process. Whether it’s sending marketing videos to prospects or recording video voicemail emails, video can shorten sales cycles and drive revenue. There are number of software solutions designed for specifically for sales that make recording and sending video emails a breeze. These tools automate the recording, publishing, and distribution of video and report back on viewer engagement giving the salesperson detailed information about how their prospects are engaging with their messaging.

This article focuses on the content side of video for sales. We’ll discuss how to write successful sales video scripts to better engage prospects and build trust through clear messaging with video emails. We’ve broken it down into 8 tips.

1 – Keep The Video Length Short
Because viewer attention is short and most salespeople to communicate with long winded emails, keep the video short, around 30 to 60 seconds in length. An unnecessarily long video can start to drag and, and prospects will click away and tune out. Don’t lead the video with a product or services pitch. Spend around 40% of the video offering pure value through best practices rather than pitching. Use the other 60% weaving a story around your desired call-to-action to get the prospect to respond to next steps.

2 – Be Clear From The Start
From the very start of the video its import to make it clear who you are and what you’re selling. Not being clear up front can cause video completion rates to fall but more unfortunately trust to be lost with the prospect. Be upfront and state the purpose of the video in the first 30 seconds. This can be best when summarized into a single introductory sentence.

3 – Be Authentic and Personal
It’s important to come across as genuine and authentic and not just a typical sales person. Present yourself as a person that the audience can relate to. To achieve this make sure you don’t focus on yourself, rather focus on the prospect. If you are talking about technical things make sure to simple it down and present it in a casual way so it doesn’t seem scripted.

4 – Be a Storyteller
The best sellers in the world are great storytellers. There is no better time to use this skill set than for recording a video to be sent to a potential buyer and future customer. Use examples to paint your story and do it in a way that brings anticipation so the prospect will take further from your video video communication. It’s important to find your voice or a tone and to do that you need to know your customer personas inside and out. Know their typical personalities, likes and dislikes, their day-to-day job activities, goals and challenges. Knowing these things will help you talk to them at their level.

6 – Include Humor
What makes a really good sales person well rounded is the use of humor and used correctly can be very effective. Make sure the humor is tasteful and adds to the story you are telling, be careful not to distract the prospects away from the main call-to-action you are pushing the prospect to take.

7- Talk Slowly and Be Concise
When people are in front of the camera there is a tendency to speak faster than normal. It’s important to slow yourself down, make room for pauses for effect and keep a clear pace so your prospect can easily understand you and you come across confidant and well polished.

8 – Wrap The Video With a Strong Call-To-Action
The whole point of using video in sales communication is to build trust to get the prospect to convert. A conversion could be a response to the video email or accepting a meeting. It could also be signing a contract and moving forward with one’s product and services. Before you produce your sales video, make sure you are clear on the CTA you want your prospect to take. Don’t just imply the CTA, you actually have to tell the prospect what to do next. At the end of the video it’s okay to throw out your sales pitch and present your call-to-action.

With these 8 tips you can create more compelling and effective sales videos that build trust and convert more. To browse video for sales software solutions that make it easy to record and send video emails, download our buyer’s guide.

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