How Marketers Can Use Video SEO To Drive Revenue

Use video thumbnails to drive more qualified traffic to your website.

How Marketers Can Use Video SEO To Drive Revenue

The goal of the modern marketer is to identify and segment the causal website viewer from an interested, active buyer and convert that person into a new lead. The purpose of this article is to share about video can be used with video content marketing technology that leverages onboard analytics to track and measure how the video is performing against business goals.
To visualize how this works, think about the top of the funnel is where most traffic is derived and is the absolute first impression a buyer gets of your organization. All stages of the buyer’s journey are perfect for the injection of video content, but the awareness stage is an exceptionally critical. To effectively bring video into your content marketing strategy you will need to deploy a video marketing platform, which will help you increase video visibility and reach across organic search via video SEO.

Here’s a breakdown of how one of the world’s largest software companies achieved first page ranking on Google for the a specific keyword target using video.

Goal: To standout amongst the stiff competition in the search engine results and do it by getting relevant video ranked with thumbnails.

The keywords the company bid on are expensive and yet still do not put them in optimal position to win key traffic that converts. Organic traffic is best, even better organic ranking with a video thumbnail. How best to do it? Embed a video on the page that you want ranked, make sure your keywords are in check, apply a video sitemap and watch the magic happen.

The Results
A little background on this company’s video strategy before I get to explaining how they achieved such amazing results using video SEO. The company has a YouTube channel with over 300 videos, broken up into a number of playlists based on products, and types of content. They also have a native video portal on their website powered by a premium video marketing platform, which is the central distribution center for all their video marketing efforts. Video content is uploaded and distributed to the YouTube channel via integration from their video marketing platform, analytics are pulled back into a central dashboard where they can be analyzed and parsed.

Since the solution the company chose has functionality and scalability for all their video marketing needs, they have the ability to publish videos to website video resource center and also embed those videos on select pages to increase the ranking and value of the page. Best practice is to embed a video leveraging the same keywords as the page you are embedding it on, this method is more likely to get the page ranked since the two assets play off of each other. In order to get the most SEO benefits from video, one would needs to get into the code and add a few types of scripts to a page’s source code.

Here’s how the company achieve pagerank with their video marketing platform:

  1. Host videos in a branded player and give them a home on your website
    They centralized their video content in a video gallery, giving each video a home with a unique URL, so video can be shared across the web and when traced back from a human and robot perspective would show that all roads point to their domain name, giving the videos credibility and SEO juice.
  2. Match the appropriate video with a page with related written content
    They made sure that the video they embedded with written content was enhancing the message, therefore the title and any metadata from the video matched target keywords from the page.
  3. Embed the video in the article
    They grabbed the simple iframe embed code provided by their video marketing platform and placed it on page using a CMS powered website. The company then made necessary adjustments to the size, width, etc to make the experience optimal.
  4. Wait and Results
    Once they added the video to the page they wanted to get ranked with a video thumbnail, it quickly became a waiting game. Sometimes that page is reindexed within a few minutes, sometimes it takes days. In this case, results were seen in a few days.


Leveraging the right video marketing platform is the key to success, if implemented correctly, can change your marketing efforts dramatically and make your awareness level campaigns more effective.

Matt is an expert video content marketer with over 20 years of sales and marketing experience. Matt has produced and deployed thousands of videos and is the ultimate curator of online video software. Matt is the Founder and Chief Editor here at 50Wheel.

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