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Lightstream provides live streaming creative tools and technology for content creators on Twitch, Mixer, Youtube, Facebook Live, and other major social streaming platforms. Lightstream makes it easy to design a broadcast, bring in multiple sources and cameras, and run a live stream like a pro.


  • Start a live stream without downloading software, completely from a web browser.
  • Local streaming client also available with more powerful features.
  • The best encoding settings are automatically selected.
  • Lightstream monitors for any hiccups in internet connection and will automatically adjust bitrate to keep the stream from buffering.
  • Cloud engines take on the majority of the compositing and encoding and the latest encoding technologies means better quality video with less cpu needed.
  • Collaborate with others on broadcasts by sending a simple link to remotely add their camera to the stream.
  • Mobile app allows for stream management including the ability to start, stop, and switch scenes.




Lightstream is offered for free. For enterprise packages contact the vendor directly for more details.

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