The Key To Tracking Individual Video Viewers

What to consider when evaluating video marketing platforms that connect to CRMs

The Key To Tracking Individual Video Viewers

Taking an individual video viewer approach to video marketing changes the way your team will deliver campaigns and measure performance. It requires viewer identification, authentication, and in some cases the auditing of your video viewers. To be successful with this level of video marketing make sure your video platform provides contact (individual viewer) level tracking features. This short guide will give you insight into technology and strategy needed to roll out contact level video viewer tracking.

First we define what a contact is in this case. A contact is a video viewer engaging with your video content. This video viewer/contact will get assigned a unique identifier, (usually an email address) provided by a marketing automation or CRM platform. Find a solution that has the ability to identify individual viewer contacts and store persistent related profile data. Viewer contacts can be identified by numerous different methods, such as viewer-supplied email via form or in-video gate, a third-party marketing or CRM system, or integrating with a Single Sign On (SSO) platform.

Basic Contact Tracking
Each system will track contacts differently but make sure data includes basic metadata such as name, and/or user defined data. Make sure contact activity history stores all actions related to video viewership and interactivity. You should be able to run a report of video content watched, interactive element clicked, form data, etc.

Advanced Authentication and Single Sign-on
Make sure your video marketing platform has the ability to connect to 3rd party authentication and SSO systems. More specifically, you want the software to have the ability to create contacts and update or delete them using APIs and built-in tools that can be tied to third-party authentication systems.

Data Import/Export
To have have complete control over migrating, uploading, downloading content, your video marketing platform needs to have open APIs that can be used to create individual contacts or importing and exporting in bulk. The benefits of APIs for import and export go beyond the video platform, you can also integrate with other business and marketing systems.

Contact List Management
Now that you are tracking individual video viewers, make sure you are putting that data to good use. Consider a video marketing platform that connects to popular marketing automation and CRM platforms. Some video platforms offer contact list management and auto triggered emails.

Identifying the viewer early in the buying lifecycle will help you engage more effectively with your audience and ultimately drive more revenue. A video viewer’s email address and unique ID is perfect for marketing, corporate communications, compliance, and auditing purposes. By focusing on individual video viewers, you can support video marketing and messaging that drives specific viewer actions and ultimate impact revenue.

Read about how you can track individual video viewers with marketing automation and CRM platforms.

Matt is an expert video content marketer with over 20 years of sales and marketing experience. Matt has produced and deployed thousands of videos and is the ultimate curator of online video software. Matt is the Founder and Chief Editor here at 50Wheel.

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