It’s Time To Play: Guess Which Video Player!

Can you guess which video platform powers each video player example?

It’s Time To Play: Guess Which Video Player!

Ladies and gentle men, boys and girls, its time for our favorite blog game… Guess Which Video Player! In this game, we will present 4 different video player examples and you tell us in the comments section (or to yourself) the name of the video platform powering the the player. To make this a little bit easier, here is a bank of 12 video platforms from which the 4 are represented. WARNING: Staring at the examples too long will definitely make you nauseous.

Brightcove, Wistia, Vidyard, SproutVideo, Ooyala, Vzaar, Viddler, Kalatura, Mediacore, Vidcaster, uStudio, 23Video

1. Sleek black design, with simple progress bar and timecode presentation.


2. Sleek black design, branded by one of the strongest brands in sports.


3. Sleek black again! But slightly different (how hard can we make this?).


4. Sleek White! The one that stands out from the rest.


Its not easy to tell what company is behind the screens powering a video experience, but it is a fun game to play to stay on your feet, so when you see a really cool video and video player, you know who’s technology it is.

Answers: 1: SproutVideo, 2: Brightcove, 3: Vzaar, 4: Vidcaster
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Jennifer McAdams
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