Idomoo provides video personalization software that helps brands deliver specific tailored video content by addressing them individually with personalized videos uniquely authored to their needs.

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    • Dynamic Storybuilding Suite empowers customer-facing teams to create unique customer experiences and deliver standout customer communication. The Suite takes all the production steps of the personalized video process – from idea to animation, creative, design, production and distribution – and arranges them into an easy to use system that automates and streamlines the Personalized Video production process.
    • Personalized Video Templates leverage best practices, boosting customer communication and business results. Templates allow for easy message customization, branding, customer data upload.

    • Idomoo provides scalable, secure and seamless mass video production that automatically customizes video content in real-time as a LivePV format.



Idomoo pricing varies based on campaign size. Expect engagements to be in the $50,000 to $100,000 range.


Rapidfire, The Studio, Diggity, DDB, Easyclip, Tucklan, Plenty, 1to1 Video

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