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The top interactive video software solutions designed for marketers. Browse and compare free and paid solutions.


Klynt is a powerful platform for building and designing interactive video content. Editing & publishing application is tailored to interactive storytellers and learning developers.


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kPoint is a cloud-native video software platform that enables enterprises with a complete range of do-it-yourself tools, packaged as an integrated video creation platform, for corporate communication, learning and development, training and onboarding...[Read More]


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Metta provides a video lesson software that enables teachers & trainers to create interactive video lessons easily and share them with groups of students. The toolset makes it easy to pull pictures, videos, sound and text off the web and create q...[Read More]


Multipop provides an interactive video platform that makes it easy for anyone to add engaging commerce, content extensions and new advertising opportunities to any video in minutes -- driving deeper engagement and monetization opportunities around ex...[Read More]


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PlayPosit is an online learning environment to create and share interactive video lessons. Begin with any online video and transform what is traditionally passive content into an active experience for students, with time-embedded activities. PlayPosi...[Read More]

Rapt Media

Rapt Media provides a creative platform for driving interactive enterprise video for companies wanting to achieve measurable business objectives using online video. Rapt Media makes online video an interactive experience, allowing creative profession...[Read More]


Smartzer is an interactive video platform for the web and mobile that allows video viewers to make purchases by clicking on interactive items in the videos. Smartzer's video player adds clickable hotspots to videos. Viewers can click rich elements in...[Read More]


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SnapApp is an interactive content creation platform used by companies to easily create interactive content to generate leads and drive revenue across the web, mobile, social and email. Marketers can select from customizable content types that average...[Read More]


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Spotful is a video platform providing interactive video storytelling tools including editable slides, maps, button and various types of interactive spots that can easily be placed on the video for enrichment.


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Storygami helps YouTubers and brands increase video engagement and monetize content with interactive overlays. The easy to use tool gives users the ability to drag and drop interactive overlays such as articles, image galleries, social media streams,...[Read More]


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Tagazu is an interactive and taggable video platform. The software makes it really easy for marketers to create interactive videos with movable hotspots that contain info about people and objects appearing in the content.


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Thinglink is a video engagement tool that makes it easy to add clickable tags to any video on the web and share the tagged videos on social networks.