How To Use Video Marketing Analytics To Grow Your Audience

Listen to what your viewers are saying about your content by better leveraging analytics.

How To Use Video Marketing Analytics To Grow Your Audience

Video marketing analytics are the key to understanding your audience and the effectiveness of your video marketing content. Most video marketing platforms provide analytics in the form of audience, engagement, and geographic metrics. The question is how to use them to better your business. In this article I will share a few ways to make your video marketing strategy more effective with the data you collect in your video marketing analytics.

Associate each video with its own unique playback webpage
The advantages to having videos hosted on their own pages is that you can track how many people visit the site/page, versus how many watch the video — this gives you a conversion rate and provides a great indicator of how your overall video experience is performing. If you find there’s a substantial gap between visitors that visit the page versus those that click play and watch the video, then you know the page level experience is impacting video engagement.

Figure out where your audience is coming from
Determine how your audience is finding your video. Are the video plays from a specific campaign, social media, directly on your website, organic web search. For example, the analytics reveals that your viewers are coming from your video being shared on social media, you can rework your strategy to account for that, allowing the content to spread faster and find more viewers.

Highlight the most effective parts of your videos to know what topics are hot
How engaged is your audience? Are viewers just watching the first couple seconds of the video and then abandoning it? Do they fast forward past certain parts? Do they rewatch specific parts? Use playback analytics to determine what your viewers are looking for, and make sure it’s incorporated into your video production pipeline and content marketing strategy. Being able to trim what viewers don’t want and emphasize what they do ensures you are committed to providing meaningful content along the buyer’s journey.

Use interactive video to create two-way conversations with viewers
The total number of views across your video library or a specific video asset unfortunately, is not the most useful measurement metric. What you need are analytics that tell you not just how many times your video has been watched, but how many of those are “repeat” viewers and why they might be watching. A viewer who comes back to watch your video over and over again is not just somebody who likes it; they’re an advocate for your video and in the video marketer’s case an active qualified lead.

Use video to as a tool to enhance your SEO strategy
Are you considering your keyword strategy when it comes to optimizing video. If, in your analysis, you find the same search term is used repeatedly to find your video, or even just that search engines consist of a major portion of traffic, that generally means you should look into SEO that boosts your video for that term or creating other types of content that cover the same keywords. To learn more about how video can enhance SEO, read this article.

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