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How To Automatically Turn Blog Posts Into Videos

How to use video creation software to ramp up video marketing without the hassle.

One of the biggest barriers content marketers face is the cost of creating good quality content consistently at scale. Whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise, one thing is for certain, we all face the same hurdles when it comes to video production: budget, resources and time. This leaves us asking the following questions:

  • How can I create more video?
  • How can I create more video using less resources and capital?
  • How can I align my video production with the rest of my content marketing?

The answers are revealed when we go on a mission to find the ultimate video creation tool to turn 50Wheel’s blog articles into videos to post on our social channels and share in emails. The goal was to uncover tools that may help us reduce our production costs and ramp up video content output. Out of the 500 video software tools profiled on our website, we were sure we could find one that would turn our content and images into video montages.

Use case

We wanted to create videos for the most popular articles in our blog to be shared and promoted via social media.  The videos need to be professional in quality and represent the 50Wheel brand, with the goal of driving traffic back to the website.

Searching for a solution

Using the the software directory on 50Wheel we identified a category of software dedicated to template-based video making. With a number of solutions available, we narrowed vendors down to only those that appeared to be able to automatically pull text, images and other content from a URL into a template for formatting. After comparing solutions, we selected Rocketium. It appeared they had all the features on our wish list including the ability to set up templates, branding and then pull in content from a web source.  We reached out and scheduled a demo with the Rocketium team…

The solution revealed

We spent an hour with Rocketium and quickly found out that creating videos automatically from blog posts and other website content is possible, and easy to do. The steps are revealed below in this post. You can also watch a video excerpt from meeting. Here’s how it works so you can try it for yourself.

Create a Rocketium account

Reach out to the team at Rocketium or launch a free trial, which you can do on their website. There are a ton of video templates pre-baked into the platform along with music, images and audio from popular stock services.  Also the platform has tools for editing video and collaborating with team members if we choose to expand our video projects beyond simple promotional blog videos.

Select a template

We’re told the best way to get started creating a video from a blog post is to pick a template and format for the video. This is important because we want to make sure we packaging up video in a branded in concise format to entice the viewer to take action after watching the video. We pick a template.

Pulling in content

We provide a URL to a 50Wheel blog post and Rocketium automatically pulls in images, text and other web assets on that page for use in the video. Amazingly the video is ready to go immediately if we want to publish it, but we spend a minute or two and clean up a few points in edit mode. It’s clear during the editing process that we can invite other team members to collaborate on changes and ideas using an easy-to-use built-in Kanban setup. After few adjustments, the video looks great. Now let’s publish!

Publishing the video

We’re quite impressed with how the video turned out, so we click publish which downloads a master HD version of the video file to the desktop and also provides  the option to distribute to social media accounts.

Localizing the video

This was an extra bonus and something we didn’t think about…. What if we wanted to create that same video but for our Spanish speaking audience? Rocketium has a feature set that translates the text in the video to any language you choose, so you can create the same video localized in many languages. This is beyond our marketing strategy at this point, but something we can see valuable for global organizations serving multiple worldwide markets.

Automatically create video from anything

At this point we had solved our challenge of automatically creating a video from a blog post and felt we were let in on a secret video tool that nobody else knew about. It’s our new secret weapon! Not so fast… Rocketium has hundreds of customers including leading organizations like Canon, Harvard Business Review, and Gizmodo. Not so secret after all.

As the call was ending, we had to ask one more question: “Could Rocketium make personalized videos for each contact in our database if we provided a spreadsheet?” Everyone on the call got real excited, this was clearly something that was not only possible but a key capability of the platform they told me. Ingesting text and images via API or from spreadsheet makes it possible to generate thousands of videos automatically, potentially personalized for each contact. Think about that.. Next time we catch up with Rocketium we’ll be exploring creating video from spreadsheets and their API.  Now off to create (automatically) some videos.

To learn more about Rocketium, visit their profile in our directory.

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