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Here’s What You Should Know about CONTUS VPlayed Before Choosing Your OTT Platform Provider

Here’s What You Should Know about CONTUS VPlayed Before Choosing Your OTT Platform Provider

What Should You Know about CONTUS VPlayed?

The video streaming solutions offered by CONTUS VPlayed are power-packed with an array of features that you can count on. CONTUS VPlayed allows the highest level of customizations possible for your video-on-demand platform using the best tools and integrations. It comes with a versatile in-built video content management system that protects the integrity of your content and ensures that every individual bit stays intact.

The video distribution strategy has been meticulously modernized to improve the overall performance and quality of the stream. The global content delivery network ensures that your audience has a quality content viewing/listening experience without any lags. It’s reliable hosting solutions along with the availability of multiple monetization options can help you maximize your returns. You can easily reach a wider audience base without worrying about the quality of the stream using its Progressive Web App (PWA) technology.

Why CONTUS VPlayed Is Dominating the OTT Space?

CONTUS VPlayed is among the industry leaders in the OTT space. It has dominated the online video creation and hosting platform segment by offering a dynamic solution that caters to the needs of broadcasters, content creators, distributors, etc. It’s a one-stop-shop for all your audio/video content endeavors. It boasts of an impactful streaming infrastructure that leverages the latest tools and technology to deliver remarkable engagements and a great user experience.

Special emphasis is laid on the monetization aspect of your digital content. It helps you easily monetize your content by offering you multiple monetization methods to choose from. With CONTUS VPlayed, one can easily build a completely customized audio/video streaming platform on the web and for mobile. It offers a superior infrastructure along with ironclad security standards to help you build and scale a branded application.

Why CONTUS VPlayed’s OTT Solution Will Be a Great Fit for Your Business?

If you are still wondering why CONTUS VPlayed will be a good fit for building your own platform, let’s dig deeper and find out.

1. One-time Investment

CONTUS VPlayed will be the best investment that you will ever make. With a one-time licensing plan, you will have access to a plethora of resources for building a reliable personalized online video content platform for your audience.

2. Complete Ownership

CONTUS VPlayed allows you to take absolute control/ownership of your OTT platform wherein branding, logo enhancements, or any other personalization can be done from the content owner’s end as per the evolving business needs. Similarly, all the video content intended for the OTT platform can be uploaded, distributed, and monetized by the content provider himself through a robust built-in CMS, thus reducing dependency on the solution provider.

3. Leveraged for Various Use Cases

The best thing about using CONTUS VPlayed is that it’s dynamic enough to adapt to multiple industries that leverage online audio & video content to communicate with their customers. Here are some of the mainstream use cases from multiple industries that might help you assess the potential and versatility of CONTUS VPlayed.

  • Education: If you are looking to create an interactive e-learning platform that uses video and audio content to facilitate learning then end your search with CONTUS VPlayed. It offers an end-to-end customizable e-learning portal to facilitate easy streaming of education videos online to your subscribers. Some of the prominent features include one-to-one tutoring, lecture capture, scheduled training, etc.
  • Entertainment / Film-Making: The dynamic streaming infrastructure allows you to launch, manage and stream your video content to a global audience without worrying about the quality of the stream. You can broadcast your content on a wide range of devices using multiple media formats including MP4, M4V, MP3, MPEG-DASH, etc. It provides a high level of customization to create a scalable online movie streaming platform.
  • Fitness: It allows you to easily stream highly interactive live and on-demand multi-disciplinary fitness classes online. The transcoding and adaptive bitrate streaming technology help to stream live fitness classes easily also on multiple devices including Web, mobile and TV, even at low latency.
  • Enterprise: If you are looking for an enterprise-grade streaming solution that can help you scale globally without any glitches then CONTUS VPlayed has to be your go-to option. There are plenty of enterprise-grade applications that need a robust platform provider like CONTUS VPlayed. From internal video communication to employee video training and global meetings, the opportunities are endless.

4. Customize as per Your Needs

In the contemporary period, you can’t win with a one-size-fits-all approach. Personalization of goods and services is the need of the hour. The more personalized your offering is, the better will be your customer’s experience. CONTUS VPlayed provides you with 100% customization options to create a branded online video platform or application. From uploading content & its distribution to monetization of your videos, you can choose from options depending on your need and suitability.

You can make your pick from multiple monetization options available including subscription VOD, advertising VOD, transactional VOD, third party integration, etc. You also have an option to customize the language of your live stream or VOD platform as per your targeted geographical location. The multilingual configuration offered by CONTUS VPlayed helps you deliver a personalized experience to local and global audiences. From custom thumbnails to dynamic watermarks with user info, there is a whole lot that you can customize with it.


CONTUS VPlayed has the best streaming infrastructure that can be completely customized to deliver a personalized experience to your users. No matter what your target audience or industry is, CONTUS VPlayed will make it happen. Build a platform of your dreams with CONTUS VPlayed today and deliver your magic worldwide!

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