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Perfect White-Label Platform

I have been using Contus Vplay for more than 2 years because I particularly like the following features: 1. Readymade & 100% Customizable 2. Multiple monetization options (SVOD, AVOD, TVOD & PPV) 3. Web 3-tier Architect 4. High-security encryption 6. Customizable video player 7. White-label platform 8. Being able to do both live stream and video-on-demand They provided white label platform...[Read More]



Modern video streaming solution

I have been using Contus Vplay for online tutorials and it was working great so far. I started broadcasting my tutorials in my own streaming website with an uncompromising video quality. Scalability and security features given by Contus vplay is absolutely good to use. Mainly, the number of paid subscribers are increased. Thanks