Clideo is an all in one video marketing platform that includes tools to create, edit, compress and package video for delivery to just about any audience on the web.


  • Make a meme online to share on Facebook, Instagram, Stories, Snapchat, YouTube, Twitter or other social media channels.
  • Easily trim any part of a video online
  • Create new videos using other existing videos, photos, GIFs and music
  • Create a slideshow by uploading a video and music
  • Compress videos and reduce file size
  • Easily crop any part of a video.
  • Rotate videos and turn vertical video horizontal etc.
  • Merge video clips into a single video easily
  • Add audio to video for uploading to YouTube, Facebook or Instagram
  • Create animated GIFs from uploaded videos
  • Resize video to upload to Instagram, YouTube, Facebook or Twitter
  • Add a reverse effect to any video
  • Change the speed of a video to speed up or slow down
  • Add subtitles to any video manually or with an SRT file
  • Create a stop motion movie from any video clip.
  • Add Instragram-like filters to videos to enhance the footage.




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Clideo offers two convenient packaging and pricing options to choose from. Unlimited usage for $6 a month or a one-time payment of $99 for unlimited lifetime usage.

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