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13 Video Software Companies That Got Funded in 2022

The online video platform and streaming market continues its rapid growth despite any economic turbulence. In 2023 the video software market is valued at over $3.2 billion USD and is expected to continue its climb to $4.6 billion by 2028. Reasons for this continued growth can be attributed to the rise in live streaming, specifically live shopping as well as the need for tools and editing software ...[Read More]

CONTUS MirrorFly’s Communication APIs: The Growing Demand for Social Media Platforms

With the increasing demand and the requisite of getting connected with people on a real-time basis, messaging applications have become vital for most of the social media platforms to deliver exceptional service to their users. What is a Communication API? A Communication API is an Application Program Interface that can be used to cater real-time chat features to a website as well as an application...[Read More]

5 Use-Cases CONTUS VPlayed’s Live video Streaming is Leveraged For!

Interacting live is the best way of connecting with the audience for influencers and brands. With the evolution of live streaming, the audience can enjoy being ‘in the moment’ and it is more appealing than a simple buffering video. According to research, the market of live streaming is projected to grow up to USD 247,275 million by 2027 with a significant growth rate of 28.1%. It shows how much li...[Read More]

Primis Receives MCM (Multiple Customer Management) Approval From Google

Primis has received Google’s approval to partner in their new Multiple Customer Management (MCM) program. MCM is a new initiative to ensure traffic reaches an elite standard of quality, and we’re honored to join an exclusive group of companies to achieve this status.   Read the article….

Primis Earns TAG Anti-Fraud Certification For Fourth Year In A Row

Primis announces that they have received TAF Anti-Fraud Certification for the fourth year in a row. This means that Primis is certified Against Fraud Seal from the Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG). Read the article….

Primis Announces Expansion Of Its Net15 Payment Initiative

Primis is has announced their commitment to extending their Net15 payment initiative through the end of 2021. The program was designed to provide digital publishers, vendors, and business partners additional liquidity through faster payments and resolution of accounts within 15 days. Read the article….

Ads.Txt Got Too Complicated, So Primis Came Up With Technology To Untangle The Mess

The idea behind Ads.txt was simple: publishers create a public list containing the names of all the partners they work with, and buyers check that list before they buy. But even the simplest of ideas can get complicated when they go from paper to reality. Some publishers just said “yes” to every request to add vendors to their list, while others did remove partners from the list, but then continue...[Read More]

Primis Continues The Fight Against Ad Fraud By Expanding Partnership with HUMAN

Primis has announced that it is expanding its partnership with HUMAN, the global leader in collective protection against sophisticated bot attacks and marketing fraud. This marks the fourth year the two companies have partnered in the battle against ad fraud. Read the article….

Creating a Secure OTT Streaming Experience with Robust Privacy Measures

The availability of pirated content on the Internet has been a major challenge for content creators and broadcasters in the contemporary world. In the simplest terms, piracy can be explained as unauthorized use of another person’s work or reproducing the same work done by someone else. Piracy of video content is not new, although it has been a little more sophisticated today. Earlier, people had a...[Read More]

Why are real-time collaboration tools so important for every organization?

It’s impossible to imagine our lives deprived of instant communication as we edge the digital era where we cannot exist without the use of smartphones. Hence, it isn’t a surprise that more than two billion people use messaging apps on a regular basis. Considering that efficient real-time communication is so important, choosing the accurate messaging software becomes equally important as well. Howe...[Read More]

How Integrating In-App Chat Solution Will Turn Your Gaming App into a Massive Revenue Generator

Boom Bam! The adrenaline rush when the player is just there on his way to bag that CHICKEN DINNER or when his team aces the battlefield in COD is just overwhelming. This past decade, the gaming industry has shaped itself in newer dimensions to match the tastes, preferences, and interests of its users. With the onset of the pandemic and the subsequent lockdown, the number of online gamers has surpa...[Read More]

Here’s What You Should Know about CONTUS VPlayed Before Choosing Your OTT Platform Provider

What Should You Know about CONTUS VPlayed? The video streaming solutions offered by CONTUS VPlayed are power-packed with an array of features that you can count on. CONTUS VPlayed allows the highest level of customizations possible for your video-on-demand platform using the best tools and integrations. It comes with a versatile in-built video content management system that protects the integrity ...[Read More]

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